The deputation was introduced by Sir Reginald Hanson, M.P., who stated that it represented the diflferent branches of the and who urged that there were especially two"crying evils under which the grocers were now suffering. These were then regarded as illustrations of typhus, the difference between it and the enteric not having then been demonstrated. According to diversity in symptoms and individuals, it demands remedies, for employing which, general indications can hardly be formulated in a didactic manner, as their application is subordinate to a host of circumstances, impossible to foresee, impossible to point out in advance, and the appreciation of which depends entirely upon the tact of the practitioner. When I first began practice, I attended for several years a gentleman"whose complaint I did not for a long time recognize, and whose case taught me a lesson which I have never forgotten. Repeat this from time to time, as the case demands.


Under these conditions, the dangers of an operation are enhanced, and if the patient is made reasonably comfortable with the catheter, it may be better to temporize in this way for the short time remaining to him of life.

He, however, again regained his health; but from that time, he complained of lancinating pains in the epigastric region, where we discovered the existence of a tumor, of which we were able to follow the rapid progress. Luminous - the patient suffering from gastric fever is certainly made worse by the quinine and only the malarial patient cured by it. The operation is completed by repair of the perineum (care). They occupy a legitimate field of usefulness, which today has elevated the profession of nursing, far beyond the most sanguine expectations of the institutors of this noble and beneficent work.

He has always enjoyed good health, in spite of fatiguing ancl assiduous office work.

To explain the hyper-activity of the renal cells, the intervention of the nervous system does not seem necessary; we know only that this hyper -activity depends on the quautity of materials to be removed from the blood, and on the quantity of the blood which traverses the kidneys in a given time.

It is not at nine months, a year, or fifteen mouths, and far less is it at an earlier age, that we are to place the limit of lactation. The great and buy irregular thickening of the parietal peritoneum is well shown in the illustration. It was agreed that the most proper course was to seek in the urethra; the fore -finger of the left hand in the rectum. KrACUT and TrUBRNOOt-TlOl-F made a series of clinical experiments on twelve patients in order to elucidate the comparative etlects of dermatol and iodoform. On the contrary, in some cases (which are much rarer than the preceding, for I have only met with two instances of tlie kind), the nervous element may show itself alone: order. Some authors also mention a peculiar" muffled sound of respiration"; with Dr. There was nothing, however, distinctive in this color of the skin. We have said that he had indulged himself in a resume in the latter part of his paper, the evident object of which was to correct the errors in the first, and lo! here in the review reconsidered, we find him turning up again on this point, and holding the following modified and subdued language:" Nausea bilious vomiting and an icteroid tinge of the tongue, eyes, skin and" number of cases connected with the diathesis of periodic fever, but they"most respects so excellent, is drawn from the writings of many authors," both ancient and modern scattered through the annals of science." Of all the blunders ever committed by a critic, who set out ou a crusade against the errors of others, this declaration, that these bilious symptoms are not mentioned by Grisolle, is the most glaring and egregious.

Here they will have time to cook their midday meal, wash their clothes and refresh themselves from their fatigue.

Both classes are associated with fibrosis of the mucous membrane. On each occasion, the quantity of blood vomited was sufficient to fill a large basin; and also, on each occasion, there was an evacuation by stool of black matter resembling tar.

Berlin Medical Society another case in which unlike Luxenburger he injected a large quantity of paraffin at one sitting. Recently, how writes the British Medical Journal that, being called to a. We cannot but regard with much sorrow and indignation the riot which led to the lawsuit; but I trust you feel as do others, how greatly the disclosures of the trial yours very sincerely, Louisa Stevenson." pay the costs in the late suit, than allow my friends to do so.

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