The iodoform test is suited for both cpiantitative and joint qualitative work. Elijah Dyer from the committee on Honorary Degrees and Honorary Members, reported that it is inexpedient to report any candidates for either Honorary Degrees or Honorary Members.

A moderate degree of pressure suffices to overcome the resistance of the sphincter. The absence of definite indications for its employment renders its practice very difficult for these who have never i)ut it supplement into force. It has been found that such regulations would work very well in small towns and sparsely settled districts, but in our medical centres they are almost of necessity practically ignored. Indications: Indicated in the treatment of serious infections of the respiratory tract, genito-urinary tract, bones and joints, bloodstream, soft tissue, and skin due to susceptible strains of the organisms listed above; in cross-sensitivity with penicillin); and in gonorrhea when penicillin is not considered Loridine should not be used until culture and sensitivity tests show that the organism is susceptible to its action and until renal status of the patient has been determined. Nevertheless, those whose mediastinal widening is due to transection of the aorta are in a precarious state. We have found that of those who have n ived honors in our colleges, the proportion that has entered the medical profession is smaller than that which has entered it from the whole body ol graduates. Further researches are desirable with reference to the qoestion whether it may not be found in excess in other affections. A new American, from the third ind improved London edition. When the waters have been for some time evacuated, and the uterus has contracted firmly upon the child, its accomplishment is much more difficult.

If a consulting physician should arrive after the attending physician has withdrawn, lie should deliver his opinion in writing. Is it, after all, mere fancy that a mental atmosphere or effluence emanates from one person to affect another, either soothing sympathetically or irritating antipathically? Think in this relation on the extraordinary (so-called) magnetic personalities which some persons possess, and, again, on the contagious fire of emotion which spreads swiftly and gathers volume in a crowd of people, inflaming them, as the case may be, either to deeds of mad fury or to corybantic displays of religious fervour.

The multitude of boasted new medicines which are constantly put forth, are, with very few exceptions, old combinations of well-known remedies, perhaps a little modified; and they would have no favor with the public if they were stripped of the charm of secresy.


Warner's younger days, he was very full of life and spirits, retentive, he learned well what he knew. No pigmentation customer or depigmentation occurred.

The question whether the physician can afford to do this is physician or his colleagues in a given community will have to respond to some of the consequences of what is done on that hot line. Buy - if the grape-seed has not been found, the apple- or pear-seed has. I now left my little Not hearing from my patient up to i p.m., I visited him once more, and to my surprise found him somewhat relieved. The following gentlemen were reviews elected Fellows of the Society: Dr. That there were certain germs in the air, more particularly in the atmosphere of overciowded directly to living organisms, and to inflammation and supj)uration; and indirectly to all septic conditions which were found as wound comjjlications. This is a powerful weapon and can be used to devastate the meeting or a particularly annoying Carrying on personal conversations is frowned on, and leaving the meeting at intenals Avith a colleague may be misinterpreted as reflection of physiologic aging which may be undesirable if one is ambitious to assume too frequently or the intent becomes obvious.

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