If a physician, he concluded, disregarding his moral obligations, chose to expose the secrets of his patient, his doing so broke no statute, amazon however reprehensible his conduct might be. He got "cream" anodynes with morphia at night I prefer the muriate of morphia in these oases. This again seems unlikely, since there is reason to suppose that much greater care is exercised at present than in pre-antiseptic days, when the complication was practically unknown. Cum creta, soda powders, lemonade, elixir of opium and brandy which the patient has daily preferred to anything else given. Orrill of Mount where Pleasant, was elected Texas, and for many years a member of the Grayson County Medical Society, has removed to Winnebago County, Wisconsin. The clauses were most important, and most ably drawn, lie urged the necessity for taking this opportunity of endeavouring to strengthen the Board of Supervision, for after the present Bill was passed, it would be very difficult to get an amending Act. The joints of the arm, except the shoulder, which was slightly Involved, were not affected, the lack of function being due apparently to the pressure upon the For treatment the patient was fitted with a leather jaoket and a Thomas collar, so that the whole spine was supported, and beside this he was kept in bed for more complete rest of the affected areas. At the present time these three, reinstated in their positions, are said to be in charge of the hospital.

These empirical facts, however, notwithstanding their inability to furnish us with an edifice already finished and complete, are of incalculable value to us, as the first step, the raw material out of which we are to construct our future edifice.

It is true that in some of the details of development, in the structure of certain organs, the human embryo temporarily displays peculiarities of formation which are permanent in the lower organizations; but viewing it as an individual, we never find that vegetative repetition of similar parts, which characterizes the Radiata, never is it a mere bag of viscera to class it, for the time being, with the Mollusc, never a series of adhering joints to identify it with the Articulata; it is unquestionably, from the time any ing else. There is a stated purpose carried out on the part of the governing body and of the older men in Harvard to oome in contact frankly and freely with every man as he enters college, and try to hold him free from temptation, and help him to break away from it when he has fallen.

Sherlock Willis presided; on the second day our genial friend Dr.

To be produced by Red Cross chapters, and to be kept by them in quantities sufficient to meet readily whatever to emergencies each chapter feels may be Cross. But upon the subject of susceptibility it will be necessary to say a word more when we shall meet with a definition of this phenomenon. The disturbances produced by spiritualism are often of an hysterical nature, but persons disposed to hysteria may often, by immoderate indulgence, fall into more pronounced mental states. Symptoms: Gout for many years.


" Sons of -Ksculapius," who shoiUd be liound buy togetliiT by work of tlie.same beneficent nature among the broken and disabled members of the profession to which they own n like filial tie. The first hours of this first rally were the most fearful and riod of responsibility, the time to judge of its type, to change it from It was'observed that after the rally of the vital forces, the tendency of the system was onwards to an elevated state, until it had had reviews its stage of was a prompt and powerful agent to arrest this elevated state of excitation.

For instance, the word emancipation will be used for emaciation, adoption for absorption, contraction for subscription, etc., with fanciful notions and melancholic delusions. Rudduck (the author of a large number of popular treatises), one of the main features of which is the constant reference, in every issue, to some work which this voluminous writer has compiled.

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