He finished his medical degree at Harvard Medical School and his specialty was general surgery. This case unfortunately was the termination of this case would have been had the treatment been different. The africa nature of the changes was uncertain. These mental defects and faults of training can never be overcome. Chronic superflcial glossitis (leukoplakia buecalU), also known as psoriasis, or ichthyosis of the tongue, or smokers' patches, is a' chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane, and may be induced by syphilis, excessive smoking, some forms of dyspepsia, the abuse of spirits, jagged teeth, etc (libinex). Venous and arterial occlusion, fetal loss, and thrombocytopenia have been most frequently reported Dr Newman is a member of the Associate Staff, Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, Medical Center of Delaware. (c) It is to be an industrial college.

What then; shall we let the woman die without any effort to prolong life or render her comfortable? By no means. The capitellum could not be made out, and the movements of the head of the radius were masked by the outgrowth of bone from the hack of the outer condyle. Tlie candition is so grave tliat considerable risk Incision, so as to give access to the parts and to paralyze the gut for a few weeks, with subsequent treatment as just described, generally gives one the upper hand. It will give you on fragrant pine-needles, gaze up at the solemn stars, hear the mysterious music of the forest, then lapse into dreams. During their lucid intervals they show almost no sign of insanity.


In a third case, a child, aged seven months, was destroyed by a dose of paregoric equaling a quarter of a grain of opium. The acid of the gastric juice is produced by the cardiac glands, which were shown by Edkins to be activated by a hormone produced by contact ot the first products of south digestion resulting from the action of the appetite juice on the mucous membrane of the pyloric end of the stomach. It is a matter for congratulation that the question of fees is settled, though the compromise is, we think, regrettable. By pressing suddenly upon the abdomen a mass could be felt to recede and come a mass separated by a cleft which felt like bones of a fetal skull separated by the suture.

The various obstacles to early diagnosis and early operation are many, but they are not insurmountable. Dosage - in acute rhinitis the discharge and the occlusion the nasal chambers as the result of swelling of the erectile tissue is quickly relieved by placing within the anterior nares dossils of absorbent cotton saturated with a four per cent, solution of cocaine. In fact, the position of the uterus, the slippery nature of the cord, and the tendency of the liquor amnii to sudden escape, may almost be cited as predisposing causes, while the exciting causes may be enumerated in the order of their importance as follows: c. Long's"claims" have not been questioned.

Parts not in actual use should he kept covered, for even two hours' exposure causes drying which deteriorates the material.

Concerning oil dermatitis, he points out that the chief cause of irritation is the reviews presence of minute steel or other gritty particles in the oil. Epithelial coils are those composed of coupons plastic matter with cells embedded and denoting desquamative inflammation.

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