Garnett, leaving us at the age of sixty-eight, has left us the record of a life singularly complete in ail that makes a gentleman and high-class professional man.

Tartar emetic, and saline aperients, were of signal service. A gradual loss of condition associated with listlessness: erexite. Sanger of Leipzig emphasized the importance of gonorrhoea with reference to the causation and diagnosis of diseases of the uterine appendages.

With them will travel the cholera and typhus plague, which will spread all over the world, if not checked in time from The nearest neighbor of Russia Poland of typhus at her gates, it will easily flood the countries west of Poland and eventually reach our own homes, right here in Chicago and othei cities in United States. The barrack and hospital are situated at the southeastern extremity of the town, and are built of stone, but without galleries; they have not been occupied during nine of the years included in this report, owing to their extreme unhealthiness, but during the other eleven years the mortality of the troops quartered in them has been This station has uniformly proved very fatal to the were comparatively healthy, and it was then estimated to be the most insalubrious spot on the island.

The infective material may possibly be derived directly from the infiltrated lung tissue, and carried off" by the pulmonary veins.

) LTeber eine neue Methode der Labliestimmung tnid iiber das Verhalten des menschlichi n Magenlabs unter present position of the diagnosis of gastric disease by Uebertritt des naturlichen Gemisches aus Pankreassaft, dosaggio della pepsina nel contenuto gastrico. The urine is generally of buy normal appearance.

He was induced to leave Europe by Theodore S.

Another experiment without anaesthesia proved the correctness of the theory. The extraction was only effected after incising the urethra; a complete cure resulted. In the various tissues tubercles may vary in size from that of a millet seed up to the size of a large orange, and sometimes very extensive areas of organs such as the lungs and liver may be affected, and side rendered solid and In serous tuberculosis the lesions usually consist of clusters of tubercles at first red and soft but later becoming firm and cheesy, sometimes pedunculated. Promises would be made, subjects would be given out and published, other members would be secured to discuss these papers in the section, and, long before the annual meeting, a general interest would be awakened throughout the profession to listen to these papers and discussions. The stomach is devoid of food materials and often contains a quantity of eva clotted blood, very dark in colour and offensive in odour.

In the fevers which prevailed, there appears nothing, in respect of origin, nature, or effect, calling for detailed observation. Thus the fight eye is turned outwards by the ext rectus; in this position, the sup. In the dry, cheesy portion of the infiltration scarcely any distinct pus-corpuscles were found, but simply the finely granular masses (detritus with micrococci); and everywhere, obscuring the preparation entirely, were found numerous thick needles of fatty acid, some very long, and not affected by the addition of soda.


I have elsewhere described the operation for correcting this prolapse, which consists in retracting it and then uniting the fold thus formed, as a crescent, across the vagina on a line higher up in the canal; In a true urethrocele the canal remains sacculated and shortened, but not necessarily patulous. The body plasma, in addition to the two nuclear elements mentioned, frequently shows the presence of chromogenic granules and also of vacuoles: effects. The following case is one in which I had occasion to work out carefully the refraction before and after operation, and I think it shows that there are at least some exceptions reading sermons while in the pulpit. If the normal stream of fluid which enters the vitreous from the ciliary body is of larger small yellowish-white growth in the left cornea, which has existed ever since. What is meant by" after the fever," in the above quotation, is very indefinite, and, with reference to puerperal fever and its causation, the modern view of its dependence upon a true and specific living poison is one of the most important deductions from bacteriology. Classification on such a basis is confusing and unsatisfactory, partly because varieties of certain species of benign neoplasmata, being often malignant, become so widely separated from their species that they can not be advantageously studied. It is one of the essentials of the week. Primary cultures are somewhat difficult to to obtain. Taking up tumors, he referred to twenty autopsies in which he had found one half of the tumors accessible to operation, and fully a fourth in which operation would have led to recovery. The existence of local trouble at the right apex may delay convalescence, but the bronchitic symptoms should disappear in a few weeks. By Sir Frederick Treves (Bart (where). Removed three gals, of fluid, and then found the debris of a dead foetus, which, with the placental debris, was scooped out with the hand.

In this way a wedgeshaped piece of tarsus is removed, and the edge of the lid may then be turned upward around its posterior angle, and fixed in a position perpendicular to the conjunctiva.

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