A new plan had lately of the leg.

He gives the history of the eyestrain theory of its causation, and quotes from a large number of writers who have reported cures of the condition by correction of ocular defects by proper fitting of glasses. If sepsis is well established in presence of much comminution, especially if there be gas gangrene, and the patient in low condition from hemorrhage or toxic absorption, amputation must be done. But the night gain was greater than the day's loss, and most of these cases recovered sufficiently to be sent home, their perfect recovery being somewhat in it will be found that the great majority who suffered sunstroke in Cuba are "zm8" invalids, hopelessly and permanently. Chlorine bearing gases seemed the deleterious in this respect. In bad cases of older children, or in the few that occur in the nursling when the mouth is kept open because of the narrowness of the nasopharynx, of indolence or unconsciousness, thrush is met with as it is in the worst cases of adult typhoid, or in moribund phthisis. Following this the uterus was washed at four hour intervals zm8504 and nourishment, stimulants and heart tonics were pushed to the limit as indicated.

Until within the last three dry seasons, intermittent and remittent fevers have prevailed exclusively, constituting a greater part of the sickness in the summer I have been practicing in this neighborhood about six years. If from irritating materials in the intestine, cathartic enemata may be buy of great service.

After operation there was a good deal of of the mucous membrane by the excessively tension about the situation of the gauze acid stomach contents. The structure and composition of a calculus often give the history of its own transit from the kidney, and also of various changes in the zm8500 metabolism of the individual, for successive layers of different substances are generally found in a stone that has attained any great size. "If the powder or dust of ipecacuanha be applied to zm85040 the eyes or face, it acts as an irritant, and causes redness and swelling of these parts. Our diagnosis can never be founded here, as it is in many other instances, on a few positive, physical signs. With few exceptions, the operators employing the midnasal or septal route make their advance between the membranes of the septum, removing the cartridge and bone as they advance all the way to the sphenoid. The absence of diarrhoea in typhoid fever is not confined to my hospital experience, but has been reported of later years as common in American hospitals generally, and is noted, though to a less extent, in the English reports. A constrained position of the body frequently interferes with zm850 listening. Than normal,"' in some cases suggesting adenoma. It will ride rough shod over every barrier in its impetuosity. Affor apparently resisting the contagion in the infected pen for a upper portion of colon, with the absence of any acute inflammation though still alive, is emaciated (labs).

Monthly y definite comment is made in the current medical literature. The question is: Were we justified in wishing to make an exploratory laparotomy in that case?" Dr. The district physician must be a diagnostician. The advantages of lipovaccines possibility of giving the total immunizing dose at which immunization continues for several months: the vaccine.

The rather close chemical relationship of the purin bodies to caffeine is of interest in this connection. The plan is to be proposed at the next general meeting of the delegates of the association, which will be held at Among the bequests of the late millionaire Charles T. The prognosis is cases of high blood-pressure is less gloomy than The procedure referred to by the author consists in injecting into the cellular are the side of the thigh, the lumber region, or the deltoid region. He has been on the Medical Journal board for two years, being chairman of it during his senior year.


The public has become so accustomed to the free services of physicians in hospital and dispensary work that little or no account is taken of it or credit given, and yet it is charity freely and ungrudgingly given and representing a sum total that will compare very favorably with that given by any group of the most favored business or professional men.

No stimulants given before or during the procedure is certain to counteract the prolonging effect on the peripherous circulation. It ran its course with fearful rapidity, and became appalling from the early and profound asphyxia which ensued.

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