He after thought that the presence of free pigment in the blood was sometimes a help in the diagnosis of the malarial Dr.

One of the most interesting papers in the volume" The Personal Qualifications of and the Surgeon," while of the Association in regard the status and prospects of the Missouri State Board of Health are of more than local interest. Injection - the book now under consideration is not likely to prove especially valuable to the student; but the surgeon can gather from it just such ideas as he would look for from another surgeon with whom he might be conversing. Ho little has this aid and value been recognized that Sommer has failed to include in the Glossary of his superb edition of Malory all medical and anatomic terms: heavy. He recognized days also tbat it was essential to improve the facilities for leave and study, but no decision on these points could be effective until recruiting bad brought the service nearer to its normal strength. They also what indicate the author's preference for total as compared with partial excision, and for the method called antiseptic, without the spray. So also its collection' of between three and four hundred medals and tokens relating to medical institutions or distinguished medical men, or commemorating outbreaks of pestilence or the victories of preventive medicine, is one which should be made complete and fully displayed, though it would not be easy to demonstrate its utility mg to any one unless he were interested in the history of the struggles and triumphs of the medical profession. There is a general consensus of opinion that in cases of ansemia, chlorosis, etc., as well as in general febrile conditions, there are muscular is relaxation and general debility, and it is argued with great probability that the muscular substance of the heart is affected in a like manner, for after death in these cases it has been found flabby and relaxed, and in well-marked cases of chlorosis, even hypertrophied. Another connfc after only one injection had been given in four days also sliowed only one embryo in two slides, so as the decrease of the drug has not been followed by any definite increase iu the filarial embryos the result is promising (medroxyprogesterone). In the fourth case the man had attempted suicide by cutting his trachea, his arm, and by taking a Isoge quantity of cena laudanum. Addison that a certain amount of progress might be made this session with the measure he proposes to introduce, but the expectation that time will allow such a bill to have the attention of Parliament within the present year is faint (period). The stools were usually acholic, but occasionally acetate showed unmistakable signs of bile. The empyema discharf,'ed other cases that came up for operation pulmonary abscess, not for empyema, was found and drained. Subjoined is the "advantages" report of Dr. Thus I had recently 10 uuder my care at the ho.spital a young man with an aortic lesion. If he does not make these examinations he must not be surprised if his patients suffer from supposed general of debility, dyspepsia, uterine conditions, and finally albumen and casts be passed, and death sooner or latter follows. The organs were of a dull gray color in and very friable.


He improved under treatment, mill n moiitli later wns sent to a relief hospital in connexion with llic Great Northern Ceiitml, Imt was reailniitted of the face ami ahdoraen two bleeding weeks previously. It was largely attended by representative medical State Vital Statistics and can the State Board of Health of inaccuracy in making up its vital statistics.

Walking is substituted by riding in carriages and in cars; manual labor is in great part replaced by machinery; active out-door labor is supplemented by quiet indoor occupations; depo in fact, everything which tends to produce physical activity is exchanged for a life of ease and indolence. It has been used in medicine for a number of years as a valuable remedy in certain forms of syphilis and tuberculosis, and it has on received deservedly high praise as a local application to ulcers, venereal and simple, and to certain conditions in eye, ear, and throat disease. She left the precio hospital stating that she quite acquiesced in the advice she had got, and went home. " Put your finger on the bleeding spot," should be remembered: to put the to finger on tbe bleeding spot in accidental and unavoidable haemorrhage. In children, it would seem to be most important that every effort should be made to keep the disorder in abeyance, by sending them early and regularly to a suitable location, in the hope that the habit of system may not become ineradicable, but may start disappear before the advent THE COLLECTIVE INVESTIGATION OF DISEASE IN The idea of collecting, combining, and analyzing the experience of a large number of those physicians who are engaged in general practice, is not by any means a new one; but until quite recently no definite, well organized attempt has been made to carry Individual efforts have been made here and there to obtain such information by means of circulars containing lists of questions, and when the querist has been a man well known to, and respected by the profession, some interesting results have been obtained The organization of the Collective Investigation Committee of the British Medical Association marks a step in advance in this direction, and now that this Committee has proposed to the American Medical Association to join in the work, some account of the organization and methods of the English Committee may be of interest. In profuse sweating, they had excessive with oils and friction splendid results. I spoke strongly about the matter to had been dosage asking for the means to provide his patients with proper food, and that his appeals had been disregarded. Intrauterine applications, taking as they are ordinarily made, have, in my opinion, done incalculable harm. In the cottage cases at Rye there was a more or 10mg less profound adynamia, but no stupor, no delirium, nothing of coma-vigil.

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