From all this it appears that in mammals, at least, the apparent spaces island produced by treatment with silver nitrate and named safikandlchen do not represent spaces, are not to be injected or in any other way to be demonstrated to be in connection with the lymphatics, but are cells whose outline has been stained with the silver which is also precipitated in the material Iving between them.

It has been studied with great care by Davaine, Koch, Pasteur, and others, and cream its life-history and pathological effects are now quite well understood.


Is profusely illustrated and arthritis contains all obtainable information on the drug up to date.

In the middle ages leprosy was universally considered to be infective, and it was this belief that led to the expulsion of those afflicted from human society Boeck's theory of heredity compound predominated. Describe the case to us motor and we may be able to aid you in selecting the most suitable styles of Pessaries. If the introduction of dangerous poison is suspected, cauterize the wound with the nitrate of uk silver pencil, or with chloride of zinc. Lycetol-Bayer "in" is supplied in ounces. Is to say there is but a small power of resistance to the invasion of the order bacilli Kaunn considers there is a hereditary susceptibility from the fact that when one of a married pair is leprous, the other sometimes remains free from the disease and is sometimes infected; in the former case he believes that there is no predisposition and in the latter that there is. A careful, but gently conducted examination discovered the uterus slightly enlarged, pushed to the right, and the entire pelvic cavity filled with a boggy mass, the mass extending into the abdominal space. The abdominal symptoms were thirst, anorexia, vomiting and diarrhoea; there was but little alteration of the alimentary canal to account for these disordered functions. No leather to become hard and stain the linen. A mustard jilastor applied buy over the chest when there is pain or hoarseness in that region, or symj)tonis whieli indicate brondiitis or This is an aeute febrile disease of malarial origin which occurs in the southern states. In cases of ulcerative endocarditis with marked anaemia there may be a pulsation most suggestive of aneurism, but which, as in a case in Ward E some An exceedingly interesting aneurism came to section today, which illustrates the obscurity of some cases of thoracic had benefits dyspnoea and had to sleep in a sitting posture. This irregularity is most marked when seen early; later on they are smoother, and often remind one of a fibroid. The feeling of cold is particularly severe in winter, and is then often combined with the feeling of formication and numbness (can).

Erreurs de I'optimisme scientifique; deux of lettres ouvertes k su origen, causas, sintoiuas, tratamiento, etc.

It caused a frightful loss of life in the French and Russian armies in to the Crimea. Beschreibung eines zur Luft Glasballons, greek saint einem ferueren Vorschlage. Having liecided that a change where of climate is essential, one should diversion for those who are fond of changes and can afford the There is close relation between exercise and good health. West then read a paper on"Some Settled Questions in Regard to Diphtheria," prefacing same by the remark:'There are several other papers on this subject, and it being a matter of gi'eat interest, for the purpose of concentrating the On motion, the paper was received and referred to the Publishing Committee. Noticed, live a mud natural life, and die a natural death. Wave sounds are tirst collected by the auricle with inclination of the listening ear for transmission to the external auditory canal and membrana tympanum, the latter being sent into vibrations by the impacts of the wave sounds; the impulse is then conveyed to the chain of bones across the middle ear cavity to the raembranum ovale, which in its turn produces rymthniical vibrations of the labyrinthian fluids, sensibly afl'ecting the end organs of corti, the result of which there is conveyed along the auditory nerve (cochlear branch) to the. It made its way into the orifices of the hair follicles, causing first a little scaly red patch or papule, so slight india as to pass unnoticed. AVhich will not produce heart failui'e nor the"drug habit," nor any depressing- aftereffects, but for is a piompt Analgesi-c, Antipyretic, Anti-rheumatic, and costs only half as"In rheumatism, ueuralgfia, dysmenorrhea, aud all neui-oses d;ie to irregrular menstruation, nervous headaahe, muscular pains, sciatica and muscular spasms, Febrinol gives more and quicker relief than any other remedy." Send for Free Samples and Practical Literature.

The author shows his thoroughness ingredients in that he has presented chapters on color-blindness and the field of vision, the latter being most important to the internist and the neurologist, for upon this test depends an accurate diagnosis of many PARKER'S"DISEASES OF THE EYE' Handbook of Diseases of the Eye. Reviews - to improve the forced inactivity during his recovery he began to write his first book. Chemistry and Physiology prove that the digestive properties of Pepsin are developed only in an Acid medium. Bacterial endocarditis should be suspected in patients in whom there is evidence of multiseg mental bronchopneumonia or necrotizing pneumonia. His practice'extended over a wide field, and his charity was almost phenomenal. Jf they fail added mudra to each pill; neither will be required unless it may be for an occasional case of constipation which has withstood all otlier remedies.

Sac was practically full of the filtrate labs for fifteen minutes. The exanthem consists of large, irregular, dark red yellow papules, which are often confluent on the cheeks. Ish-wliite seed with an intensely bitter taste (mudslides).

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