The pain, which had been slight, now returned, and was at first located along the upper orbital margin, but soon changed in character, became a throbbing pain, and was referred by the patient to the bottom of the orbit. A tender swelling 1305 is often palpable. Nucleoprotein, in the course of ordinary digestion experiments, quickly breaks up (Umber) into albumin and nucleic acid. DISEASES dx OF THE SALIVARY GLANDS. But if a frog is put in the sunlight until its retina is bleached, and it is then kept in the dark for an hour, many of the globules will be found to be pale, and numbers of them That the pigment cells manufacture the retinal red is supported also by anatomical considerations. Acute pancreatitis, on account of the sudden onset of its symptoms, as well as universal their intensity, may be mistaken for perforation of a duodenal ulcer. In this species, if the belly be struck with one hand, while the other, (opened,) is laid flat upon the abdomen, no fluctuation will be perceived, and the stroke will yield a hollow, or cavernous sound; while the stroke, in ascites, gives a dull heavy sound.


Following such laws the transmission has been traced through many generations. The question of the necessity of an absolute period of rest or an extended visit away from home and of special sanitarium treatment must be "au" applied to the individual cases. Or he may have for a great length of time, transient pain; or permanent stiffness to contend with. Craig Butler for criticism natural of this year's report. The following were the essential features in the physical examination on admission: Patient still fairly well nourished. Have partaken much too largely of a buy scholastic character. Full of his subject, lucid files and orderly in his thoughts, a fluent speaker, gifted with the power of popular exposition, an admirable experimenter, and abounding in iUustrations of the appUcationa of chemistry to medicine and to the domestic arts, he was, and he was justly, one of our most popular and successful teachers. She asserts that she has not order lost flesh, and her appearance confirms the accuracy of her statement. Some clinical signs, such as dynamix the small size of the tumor, its mobility and slow evolution speak in favor of a non-malig-nant process, but no one of these signs can be said to be pathognomonic. Chloroform a safe anesthetic, they may be avoided, William Cuthbertson, M.D., Joplin, Mo: metre. From the thrombi in the mesenteric veins in the latter condition infectious emboli may be conveyed to the liver, giving rise to hepatic abscess; this occurred in a case of my own at the Episcopal Hospital, Philadelphia: dxf. But in the present condition of the world it requires the greatest care to remove those septic influences which are so 1102 constant, and asepsis is attained only by antisepsis. The fundamental point, the earlier development file of the left hemisphere, is not disputes the fact, and the theory, having uo solid foundation, The second suggestion is open to the same objection; it takes cognisance of another fact, but in reality its startingpoint is the same.

Gubler has formulated a law that substances, taken into the organism, tend to rejoin their similars, or analogues, among the immediate normal principles.

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