He mentions the chief points that require correction or reform as being:"the introduction of the lemon acid, in abundant quantities, with free and liberal use in our ships; the present irregular mode of supplying ships and vessels of war with medicine and hospital stores; the laxity in the necessary checks to abuses that grow out of it; the faultiness of the regulations respecting the responsibility of the surgeon for the safekeeping and proper appropriation of the articles entrusted to his charge, exclusively for the benefit of the sick; the alteration of the present ration, or at least the liquid part of it; the better ventilation and warming of our ships in the winter season; the practice of slushing down decks in winter; and lastly the impropriety and pernicious consequences to the service, of the present plan of recruiting, in which men are shipped without a strict examination by a professional man." He summarizes his ideas of"With respect to the navy, which is my object at present, the regulations that are most to be depended on, for preserving and promoting the health of seamen, are such as have in view a diet of healthful quality, the personal cleanliness of the crews and the purity and free ventilation of the ships they inhabit." In the section dealing with"the mode of furnishing the medicine and store chests" he recommends the adoption of a supply table, a model for which he exhibits in the text, with all the items specified, and suggests regulations for governing the storage and issue of medical supplies: age.

Wertheim agrees with this, and where possible avoids resection of the ureter, preferring to free it from the surrounding cancer, and thus his reducer immediate results are better. In hydresence the first there was complete absence of pain, with abolition of sensibility in various respects; the amyotrophy assumed the type of Vulpian, and the affection remained in tlie second stage. The pessary, covered w ith hard concretions and where imbedded in the vaginal wall, was removed in fragments. Flour, meal and cereal gruels are also described defying as appropriate foods. Applicants should apply at once to "oz" the Ignited States Civil Service Commission.

What should be the treatment of chronic chloral cases? Suppose that a patient like this says that the habit is growing upon him, and comes to you for advice, what course would you pursue? I would answer that you must reduce the dose gradually.

All commtinicatinns for the Editor, and all books for review, should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, All letters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription, or advertising department of this Journal, should be addressed to the" Manager of the Business Department," Remittances should be made by money order, draft, or registered The thoughtful physician, of which species the Journal is happy to number an unusually large representation on its subscription list, is wont to turn from the festivities of the holiday season, even from the necessarily somewhat engrossing work of closing up his books and sending out his modest reminders of indebtedness for professional service, to the editorial columns of the Journal in its final issue for each year, to see what have been some of the more prominent events of the year that' is closing. As regards the form of operation each case presents its own problem as to whether irx*buy it should be treated by boiling water injections, by ligation of one or more of the thyroid arteries, or by partial thyroidectomy.

If it had been the usual effusion of blood due to fracture, it would probably have appeared first in the neighborhood of the broken bone and would reviews not have begun in the scrotum and gradually ascended. Embolism usually occurs in a support branch of the middle cerebral artery or in a branch of the sylvian artery. The occasional absence of nausea or vomiting is noteworthy, and is mentioned in two cases of strangulation by adhesions, one of which terminated fatally, the other in recovery, after laparotomy. So we are wrinkle led to see that" the production of dropsy in heart disease is by no means simple. In the former the amniotic cavity occupies the centre of the mass, serum wliereas in the latter it occupies an eccentric position, in consequence of which the thin amniotic membrane is likely to rupture, allowing the escape of the embryo.


This is the most up-to-date edition of the essential reference providing complete, authoritative professional data on the over have ever been able to provide. I believe that sulphuric ether is as safe as chloroform, but not more so. He also recommends the inhalation of the tincture. William Stokes based his preventive treatment of pitting in smallpox on the observed fact that the rash was scanty and the inflammation slight over rx portions of the body-surface the vascularity of which had been reduced. The remedy diminishes the number of paroxysms, and reduces the case rapidly to one of catarrh (and). The operation, which consisted in total enucleation of the sac, showed a The essayist also presented a multilocular hydrocele of dr the inguinal canal without any communication with the abdominal cavity and without any history of trauma. Clonic blepharospasm usually depends upon errors of refraction or or inflammation of can the conjunctiva or eyelids. H'rank in the article referred to says:".V cluirioepitheliomatous tumor of pregnancy may be defined as a neoplasm mother." It was clearlv shown bv Marcliand what relation customer the protoplasmic masses of the tumor have Langerhans's layer.

It was of late occurrence, the date being stated in only three cases, in these on the fifth, fourteenth, and nineteenth days. Buy - it lay at a depth of about half an incli.

I would, however, like to make reference to one important innovation, which is the creation of a Division of Legislation under There has been a great deal of dissatisfaction expressed on the outcome of our legislative efforts of last year. The Faculty has the nucleus of an excellent collection, and through the kindness of our friends we have been enabled this year to add a long list of most valuable journals and many complete sets: to. They introduce all evil into the world and attack man to his detriment with and destruction. So far there are only two instances on record where the typhoid bacillus has been isolated from a publicwater supply. It especially deserves attention because of the almost forgotten fact that the idea upon which it is based, that animal organisms if desiccated could be preserved for some time and life restored to them by renewing their moisture, was anti-aging at one time seriously advanced and maintained. ( )ni- died iif decuiiital gangrene on tiie fifteenth service day. The old idea that wool is the only protection for the skin is exploded.

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