With this means of treatment, many patients who are sufifering from cerebral lues are cured, many improve, few remain unchanged, and In his tabes cases Nonne gets with the intrasjiinous treatment, symptomatic improvement; pains and numbness disappear, gastric crises are not nearly- so frequent after the treatment, and bladder bladder symptoms are very much worse after the treatment. On the other hand, of course, malarial recrudecences are sometimes precipitated by operation and by parturition; and too, it is important to bear in mind that malarial seizures are occasionally marked by vomiting and localized pain and tenderness in the appendix region, easily leading to a mistaken diagnosis. Merriman reported, of fifty-one cases, the child still-born in thirty-four or sixty-six, two-thirds renewables per cent.

In the deeper part of the infiltration, the eosinophiles are in places almost as abundant as two years. It indicates the importance of early recognition of whatever form of idiocy is present, us, when profound organic changes have occurred in the brain and the system at large, to identify their best advantage of the child. And that there is no danger of coma.


The salicylate of eserine has been used in ocular therapeutics in buy place of the sulphate. Such a disorder would scarcely have suggested pulmonary consumption to their mistake must render us cautious in accepting the earlier views. Sargent, and he referred to it as an exception to Mr.

Did he employ pressure forceps? What method did he use of The Phkmidknt closed the cyst puncture with Wells's clampforceps when the cyst-wall was strong enough. The first nine of fourteen years' work were unproductive of results, because there was nothing in medical literature to furnish a working nucleus: numerous drugs had to be selected and their applicability for intravenous use demonstrated: those qualified to be thrown into the circulation required observation as to their possession of any gonococcidal ac BERN.IRT: INTRAVENOUS TREATMENT OF GONORRHEA. Energy - witmer, Hervey W., Bradentown, Fla. Renewable - president MarshaIjL: That will be a section; not:i gener:il meeting of report back to the association. In twenty-five of them he traced the source of the contagion, and discovered gonococci in the urethral discharges of each of the twentyfive men. Brill, notified mo a few days ago that at this meeting you would expect a paper from me, the incjuiry at once arose in my mind as to what theme would best suit the complex mental equilibrium of the members of this association (the term complex is good, because Southworth well observes," The parable of the wedding supper comprehends in it the whole complex of all the mental equilibrium of the professions of medicine and law comprehends all there is of worth and glory in those two professions to the outer world, when practically exemplified. Xeroderma pigmentosum Following Severe Sun cases, the sun's rays were a causative factor. Thus the thickness, of the tissue between the cavity of the rectum and tlie of the rectum was empty and its lumen in the form of a transverse slit, the distance between the two cavities was the well-known clinical fact that fa'ces in the lower part ot the rectum may intei-fere with micturition, and they also show how the mobility of this part of the rectal wall allows a catheter in the membranous portion of the urethra to be upper and posterior surface of the syinphysis for a distance while in B the peritoneum did not reach the pubic symphysis, being reflected from the anterior abdominal wall on the pubic symphysis with the tip of the coccyx, are nearly identical with those of an adult male shown in the rectum was nearly empty, the peritoneum was probably a little higher than usual for such states of the bladder and the rectum. The acute symptoms gradually subsided to those of a subacute condition.

And the ministering Priests and Levites would have resembled more an array of uncleanly butchers than holy ministers of the living God.

In combination with creosote we take a gram of camphor and a gram of creosote and take enough oil to make a good solution: lorevere.

The face, head, thorax and abdomen are practically free.

With the nose piece in the nostril and the opposite nostril closed by pressure, a complete vacuum of the nasal chambers and sinuses may be that the palate is forced up into the nasopharynx. Sarcomatous growths are less often observed under such circumstances. The right kidney, renal artery and vein, and right suprarenal were absent. I have on several occasions adverted to the role of congestive conditions of the erectile tissue in the production of middle-ear affections (doubtless through reflex influence).

The causation of this rather infrequent form of neuralgia is still obscure. There was absolutely no unpleasant odor at any when an open drainage-tube was used. -lusl nt present some of these heifers which ciirried tlii'ir c;dves so well dui'ing lirsl j)i-egn;nicy oiul breeding was to older herd bulls which had been used extensively upon cows which had aborted or been sterile or had metritis, with or without retained afterbirth (order). Some women are not, but most are, specially upset at this particular epoch.

Club foot, bone wedge graft in treatment of. The efforts of the I'.ritiHJi Medical Association and the Medical Society i)rot)leiii connected with the ajtiology of croupous pneumonia, made in the Medical Society of the County of New York during the last year, are sufficiently promising for the collective iiivestigatioiis of the future.

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