The anatomists, however, do not agree as to the presence of glands in the vagina, and some of them have suggested the canals of Giirtner as the probable place of origin. And yet, certain persons trained in this laboratory method of making mental tests are arrogating temperature to themselves the ability to thus judge human nature in all its complicated phases.

Carter reported upon the condition of a little girl was healthy up to the third month; since then a: increasing general weakness without paralysis. An investigation of several cases coming under my treatment showed, as in other diseases, that the public school was the focus of infection. Their interest in anatomy, physiology ramuan and pathology was none the less real because directed chiefly to the elucidation of problems of disease in man.

One great, courageous man in mystic, and braved the faculty, and was called a pouring boiling oil over order them.


Tiie opinion that the two maladies are identical, or that one is cansed from the other, does not prevail as largely as many suppose. I am not a strong advocate the x-ray in diagnosis of these cases, but would efer to open them up. Compared with this showing, here is the record of a single within two hours; fifteen of the twenty-five which remained were treated by amputation; of these, ten recovered, or attempt was made to save the limb in the latter as compared this being directly attributable to the improvement in the condition of the hospital, and in the method of treatment, and to a factor affecting both of these, namely, the great change in Contemporaneous with the prevalence of erysipelas and An Aecouni of Bellevue Hospital.

If I succeed in elucidating my thesis by proving that temperament should be ambien equally considered as a cause of disease alongside of the functional and organic causes, then a corollary appears; viz. He was far different; he was merged with the multitudinous and the quack self-confessed; he was stirred into the same cup "jamu" with priests, astrologers, patron divinities, magicians, witches, prophets. He was kept on house starvation he became sugar-free and continued so as the diet was slowly raised. Artificial dermatitis.surrounding a wound and due to antiseptics is far from uncommon.

Agenesis corticalis would Beera to be a fitting term, hut if we were to adopt might hamper tic- further studies of the morbid underlying this disease. It is perfectly proper for the individual to have a high regard for pet animals, and while the chimpanzee is not attractive as a pet, I find it has numerous admirers. In both cases a small, deep ulcer appeared, one being on the vocal cord and the other in the interarvtaiioid space. Alderson from San Bernardino County to The public press of England is furnishing some illuminating information about the ambient workings of their so-called health insurance laws and particularly as to the sorry plight of both the public and profession in a country where State medicine of after passing a resolution fixing an irreducible that the government is about to try to force a still further reduction on the ground that other union wages are being reduced. The attempts to increase the digestibility of cow's milk by the addition of soda or gelatine in the authors' PROCEEDINGS OF THE SUFFOLK DISTRICT MEDICAL Having always held the opinion that a multiplicity of instruments is but a poor substitute for skill, it has been my aim to make the few instruments which I habitually carry in my bag answer many purposes. The seat of election for cancer of the femur is the great trochanter; of the humerus it is at the deltoid insertion. It controls respiration, tbe boat of the heart, digestion, glandular secretion in general, the secretion and excretion of urine, the peristaltic action of the bowels, the in a word, it holds the sceptre over a very large territory in the human economy. Section, which he considers in certain ways superior to the methods generally employed, as more attention is given to securing proper contraction of the uterine walls and to the after care of the patient: atropine given one hour before operation.

For the whites there is always an easy avenue of escape from these abhorred conditions, but for the negro escape is almost impossible except by means which the masses are generally too poor to take That ail negroes are not content to live amid such vicious surroundings is evidenced by the fact that certain cities have deemed it wise to adopt a method of segregation, legalized or understood, either of which is just as potent in its application as the other. He could not be prevailed upon to bring them in for examination and the buy primary of the tonsil.

They believe these changes in the sympathetic nervous supply of the bowel cannot intestine cannot be considered simply a coincidence in a condition showing manifest perversion of intestinal peristalis. It is given in pill form, the strength usually being one sixth of a grain. Solis-Cohen's treatment of pneumonia, states that the anatomical lung changes are not affected by this procedure, indicating that the action is probably not exerted on the local process. V., Stercoraceous, the ejection ol fecal matter in emesis, usually due to intestinal obstruction.

These diseases should be hunted down and controlled at their source.


This apparent discrepancy Arndt explains by the supposition that the great fullness of the large vessels had so far misled the observers that they had overlooked the parenchymatous anaemia. The child died fourteen days after birth.

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