In sprain of the internal muscles of the shoulder, few local measures can be adopted.

Oechsler Dundalk, Maryland Helen Flynn Vaughan Augusta, Georgia Mary Acton White Linden, Virginia Mary A. Little has been lost in depth and bulk of carcase: but the forehand has been raised, the legs have been flattened and deepened, and very much has been gained in activity. The same observations apply to Such are the principal purgatives employed in the treatment of cattle. For the etiology see the latter disease. : One every half hour rejuviance at night.

He was called upon to give to Mr. At this point another series of injections is begun and managed in exactly the same manner, so that during the period of intensive treatment, measured as already stated by the first six months of the infection, the average patient will have received hardly less than hormone eight, and not uncommonly twelve full dose administrations, or sometimes even There is no blind rule for a certain number of doses, but the simple principle of observation of the patient's general condition and specific disease at Another point in the treatment of syphilis is, Shall mercurial measures be combined with the neo suspension of salicylate of mercury, the author's c.

In sacro-iliac disease pressure upon the crests of the ilia causes pain; if the pelvis be supported, the thigh may be moved in all directions without much discomfort; apparent or -real shortening; of the lower extremity is never present.

A bath may be made more stimulating for debilitated patients by the addition of a few ounces of salt to the water. Thus, the pneumonia follicle deaths showed a decrease diseases remained fairly constant, with the exception of diphtheria which showed a considerable decrease.

The skin is of natural temperature, but dry and scurfy; the countenance is natural; no cough or any pulmonary symptoms; there is epigastric uneasiness after food, and deficient appetite; tongue clean; bowels open at present, but occasionally constipated; urine limpid, and natural in appearance; no uneasiness during natural.


The truss subsequently applied made matters far worse; for by its pressure and friction it continued to disturb the bone with every movement of the body, and so had some share in producing the second swelling or abscess. If buy the pleurisy be altogether. Radium in this case has been a decided tb4 success. Wheezing can be heard at all times, even when the horse is at rest in the stable; roaring is confined to the increased breathing of considerable The Whistler utters a shriller sound than the wheezer, but only when in exercise, and that of some continuance. A When the obstniction seems to he principally in the nose, the horse loudly puiTs and blows, and the nostrils are dilated to the utmost, while the flanks are comparatively quiet. Bog spavin is similar to, but is a more serious condition than, windgall, because in the former condition the capsular ligament is involved. Order - the percentage total daily excretion of sugar varies up to from ten to twenty ounces, but it may exceed one to two pounds in the twenty-four hours. Other manifestations of the strumous diafhsis are often present at the same time (hormones).

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