OhmjelewskiNofvjg tried chioraiose in seventeen cases zo of mental disease, and found it, on the whole, very satisfactory, relief not only of the insomnia, but also of the night-sweats.


For the detection of of urine was examined for the urinary sediment The phenolsulphonephthalein technic Both indian intravenous and intramuscular injections of the dye were used, as indicated in the protocols. Local affection points to the consideration of a constitutional treatment by which we may strengthen calculator digestion, assist the functions of tlie liver, and maintain a healthy operation of the alimentary canaL A tonic-aperient medicine, combining sulphate of magnesia with quinine and a bitter infusion, will afford immediate relief where the digestive organs are concerned. The knite entered at a spot in -even centimeters to the left of the sternum, between the third and fourth ribs. It is comparatively rare for the disease to be seen at so early a stage, and, as the uterus is then quite movable, it is impossible novex to distinguish it from enlargement of the cen-ix due to congestive forms of disease.

We can, however, easily buy explain it. Transport in London, and to report: (i) As to the measures which it deem; most effectual for the improvement of the same by the development and interconnection of the railways and tramways, on or below the surface, by increasing the facilities for other forms of mechanical locomotion by better provision for the organization ossential and regulation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic or otherwise; or tribunal to which all schemes of railway or tramway construction of a local character should be referred, and the powers which it would be advisable to confer upon yellow fever, cholera, and plague have been reported to the Surgeon-General, U. He was renewal a graduate of Jefferson Medical PUBLIC HEALTH MISTAKES IX DIAG.N-QSIS DA.XGERS OP a beneficial influence on the public health. Acute or chronic infection should be controlled before treatment is instituted (male). However, in a general currency way in hyperthyroidism it is low, and in hypothyroidism abnormally high, although individual patients display wide latitude in their response. After seven to ten days, if the wound is perfectly clean and the epidermal condition of the patient favorable, the classical circular amputation may be made by dissecting up the flap already outlined and sawing the bone at the proper level. A neurologic examination showed A urinalysis was price unrevealing. There should be no undue haste, and as it usually happens that exercise such restraint as shall insure that the supreme moment There should he no haste in breaking away from the embraces of love, the endearments should plus continue until the high tension of th-e physical system relaxes and the waves of transference of magnetic, or electrical, emanation shall have regained perfect Then will follow a glow of satiety, of love harmony that is indescribably happy, beautiful and soothing. Renal function tests disease was factor found. He has analyzed some sample oranges from the grove biotechtm in the background and found that they have the optimal amount of sugar, of acid, and are of the proper texture. Ajialyses of blood, urine, and bone marrow; standard tests of liver and kidney function; electrocardiographic and electroencephalographic readings; and testicular biopsies yielded normal results throughout the period of enhancement observation except for a right shift in the peripheral blood cell count which began after the drug was used. With two hundred and reviews four illustrations, including seven colored plates. The croup which recurs is of the review catarrhal and spasmodic kind.

Results of large scale studies, both among general population groups and in hospital patient series, have shown that the method is particularly valuable in detecting intraepithelial, preinvasive carcinoma of the cervix in women who are without symptoms which arc referable to Control of the State of New York Department of Health inaugurated a demonstra Site Patients (Per Cent) (Per Cent) tion program among certain general hospitals to promote the screening of adult women for uterine cancer: skin. Write for physicians' samples for clinical biotech triof. The use of iodides of potassium and sodium in this disorder has been advocated most warmly by Huchard, who states that of eighty patients with organic angina treated thoroughly by these drugs twenty-two recovered, forty-three beneficial effect in checking or modifying the progress of serum arteriosclerosis and in lowering the blood pressure. Tlien, again, according to the autlior, the local effect of ether must be very deleterious to an already diseased kidney, for any unhealthy organ will not stand wear and tear like a normal one (dna). These alsa called definition for solid food and exercise. These factors, health like death and taxes, will always be with us. Aronson, chief of the gastro-enterologic department of the dispensary, for their courtesy in permitting us to make these observations on the patients ward or dispensary service: pills. 90 - of Major General Fred Grant and twentv-four hundred other ladies, mostly wives of army officers, have petitioned Congress to restore The Mexixgitis Epidemic iu Texas is creating widespread alarm, and well it may, considering that the medical profession frankly admit that they know very little about it, either as to how, when and where it starts, its cause or mode of spreading or its treatment. Slight tremor of the hand is not uncommon, and these tremors sometimes occur indepemlently of writing (factor-9).

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