The to the clinical course of the disease. It is more interesting as a clinical curiosity than mood as jiossessing INFREQUENCY OF THE HEART'S ACTION. That is rather remarkable because you would have thought that some one of the group would have complained that he didn't have time to be taught because he was busy doing minor routine work. We gladly recommend it to our students and practitioners. This came very decidedly two days later when a plate showed a more marked change in the bone area previously suspected, but no further involvement. Garver on a full time basis as lobbyists in the Indiana General Assembly. The results were as follows: I received O.I cubic centimetre. On the slightest exertion a sense of constriction in the chest and sweatmg of the skin would occur. LACERATION OF moodle THE CERVIX UTERI, CLINICAI. More fiuictional disability of the hand results from faulty positions of immobilization than results from the injury itself. There mentioned as discharged unimproved. Aspiration is only used to give temporary relief to patients who are in great distress from the pressure of the fluid, or temporarily to relieve the second side of a double empyema after the first side has been opened. Savage, who was for many years the associate and colleague of Spencer WeUs and Sir Wm. Moody - while other suggestions as to sanitary provisions might appropriately be made, your Committee feel that these indicated are of such urgent necessity that they should be insisted upon and put into effect without delay. However, if the Council be desirous of examining candidates on this subject, the High Schools and Collegiate Institutes might be able to make such arrangements as would allow the pupils to take both Latin and Natural Philosophy.

The alveoli were filled with a substance that appeared to be homogeneous, stained deeply with the acid stains, and was partially adherent to the epithelium. Hide Miyake, Dean of the Medical College, University of Tokio, in answer to my inquiry as to the use of mercury in the treatment of syphilis in Japan, writes me that" the use of this medicine in syphilis was not imported from Europe, but undoubtedly from China." The true pathology of chronic retro-bulbar neuritis was not well understood until the first demonstration and others had referred to it before, but had never demonstrated the fact by autopsy. They who required an oculist had to seek him in Asia, where they found some possessed of at least dexterity of hand. And this is why psychiatrists are opposed to"lay psychoanalysts." There is one criticism we would make against the publishers of this book.

The cause of moods this neuralgia is quite frequently, perhaps, over-exertion. Ambler, Alfred S College Point, N. The most important physical buy sign relates to the first sound of the heart, as heard over the apex. Second: A considerably greater amount of destruction accompanied larger doses of unfiltered radium emanation, left in the brain for shorter periods of time, although the dose, as judged by the number of millicurie hours, was the same as for the small doses which acted gaia over a comparatively long period. But what I wish to express in plain words is that when the necessity requires it, and there are herbs many such occasions, I consider it entirely appropriate to do the operation in one's office.


On the other hand, Christmas states that when the proteids are precipitated with alcohol and the precipitate dissolved in a volume of water equal to that of the original serum, the solution thus obtained has a more powerful germicidal action than the serum.

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