The natural taste of the water treatment, and its increased hardness unfits it for certain purposes.

Haemorrhages might be the first symptom of a latent nephritis. Thirty-five in number) have slept out of doors during It is to tje borne in mind that our sanatorium is on a pavilion plan and situated on the top of a hill, and in the wards where our patients sleep there is a strong sweep of wind, from whatever direction it may happen to come, consequently the patients are practically sleeping out of doors all the time while in these wards. It results was not deemed wise to operate upon the haemorrhoids at that time as there was considerable infection of the rectum above.


The vessels of the meninges are more or less thickened with considerable hyaline degeneration and marked endarteritis (reviews). This exhibition will remain open on Friday from Friday. Seitz furnishes a very readable little paper, it contains nothing' new nor profound, and neither helps us in troduced by Prof.

In hot weather the material should be packed in ice, so that decomposition will not set in in transit. If possible, the entire morbid tissue should be operated on at a sitting. Here, then, is a condition which expl.nins this man's blindness: the fibres of the optic nerve which snpply the retina have CAUSES OP ATKOI'MV OF THE OPTIC NEUVE. The application of this conclusion with reference to the development of some external influence, whether material or dynamic, is sufficiently apparent (zeros). What is the b-st method of removing polypi from the ear? If we bear in mind the fact that almost all aural polypi, no matter how large they may be, grow from"a vcrv ijhysioian can ascertain whether the mass grows from the cutaneous walls of the canal or from the middle ear or mastoid cells. In the tongue of dyspepsia the red fungiform papillae slope toward the tip, while in scarlet fever they are round Varicella is almost constantly attended with lesions upon the tongue, according to my personal experience during the past few years, but as they tend to heal as promptly as those upon the skin they have little importance. The essential structural changes of the stomach consist in true hypertrophy of the musculature of the pylorus, stomach, and sometimes, also, of the oesophagus. The symptoms of those conditions bringing about membranous colitis consist in constipation, alternating with diarrhoea or usually true constipation; chronic intestinal indigestion or flatulence; white coating on the tongue; feeble circulation; sensitiveness to colds and drafts; exhaustion from slight effort: pallor or muddy complexion often mistaken for aniemia or chlorosis; mental and physical depression or lassitude and usually gloomy forebodings. It is used only for the detention of suspected cases during smallpox outbreaks, and these come so infrequently that the house is in use but little.

Then by looking into a dark corner at any time she can see an ingredients outstretched crouching figure.

Surely a corneal wound caused by fire is from the start not infected, and later infection can readily be obviated by observing the rules of simple cleanliness, by frequently cleansing the eye with boiled water or boracic acid solutions. In the Stock's test a distillate of the urine, made acid by a few drops of either buy acetic, hydrochloric, or sulphuric acids, is to be used. Over the left lung posteriorly there is diminished resonance on percussion, markedly diminished breath sounds and quantities of moist rales, small and medium in size: zero. At the same time the pains decreased, and the nodosities nutrition and deformities disappeared. Renon, order it freezes and rains in the Sahara. The introduction of corn-starch from the waste of factories could not be seriously imagined, as no such establishments are to be found along the course of the river, and on the other hand, the St. As for curing typhoid fever, in the sense of stopping it to cure smallpox or measles; and it is hardly to be supposed that any sensible or well informed medical man of the present day would make In the beginning of treatment it is well to give a purgative to clean out the bowels; and for this purpose calomel alone, or combined with some vegetable cathartic, is about as good a remedy as any other. In this connection it is not only a proper credit to this attempt to place The Philosophy of Physiomedicalism in definite and practical form before an intelligent medical public, but it is just to our neighbors of the Regular profession to quote the following from the Preface of Twentieth Century Practice of Medicine, Vol. Genetix - both theories seem more satisfactory than the third which ascribes their origin to a polar body. It was stated that from a general observation the majority of the insane poor were previous to the insanity self supporters, rent payers, and, in a sense indirectly tax payers. Diseases of the Arteries embrace degenerations, arterio-sclerosis, The Sixth Section is on the Diseases of the Blood and Ductless Glands, and includes anaemia, luekeemia, Hodgkin's disease, Addison's The Seventh Section of the work takes up Diseases of the Kidneys, and includes anomalies in form and position, circulatory disturbances, ursemia, Bright's disease (acute and chronic), amyloid disease, pyelitis, hydronephrosis, nephrolithiasis, tumors of the kidney, cystic disease of The Eighth Section is oq Diseases of.

.John Sherwood, deserves the thanks and encouragement of the Experimental and Cmnicai.

Should be treated immediately they appear.

It is in these conditions that the rectal Generally when the vaginal examination is made with the forefinger and the middle finger, the ring and little finger are closed into the palm of the hand (review). I need, therefore, do little more in this present chapter than condense the chief of shred these acquired causes, as they affect the industrial populations, into the following classified forms.

Treatment by forci!)le dilatation was what he favored, and was a method which, in his experience, had not been followed by unfavorable results, and at the same time he had not been obliged to confine his patients to the bed for more than twenty-four houis after the performance of the dilatation.

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