The Treasurer's report for the United States fiscal Treasurer to the Secretary of Agriculture and to the Secretary of tiie Interior shows that the funds have been properly expended according to the Act of Congress approved The laboratories and facilities for instruction in these departments have been considerably improved during the year (gelmarval). " Whe.eas Strenuous efforts have been made during the past few years to enact a law creating a State Board of Health, worded so as to provide for the appointment in said Board of Allopathic physicians only; and, affairs of the State should be intrusted to one school of physicians to the exclusion and detriment gel of another; and, kt Whereas Such exclusive control or pystem thereby indirectly such Banitary measures as have for their end the prevention of disease and the Lengthening of human life, we urgently protest agaii the passage of any health bill providing for the appointment ol medical men, which does nol recognize an equal numerical representation by name of the two dominant systems of medical practice. If the papilla be incised it does not require suture, and exploration of the ducts by the duodenal route may be unattended with hemorrhage. All any one has to do, is to vaccinate and revaccinate until the vaccine virus refuses to act upon the system; and the successful treatment of congestion by the internal use of chloroform is not less simple; but as congestion in its various forms is likely to attack the same subject repeatedly, and from a variety of causes, there may be many occasions for repeating the remedy. When these spores work their way out of the gelatinous envelope they may be wafted by the winds here and there, and spread very rapidly, and many cases are recorded where they have covered miles fountain of ground in a few hours with long strings of nostoc. The stethoscopic signs of pneumonia, however, are not reported.

To this class belong order those which most stubbornly resist eradication, as for example the Canada Thistle and Quack or Couch Grass. The most curious point in regard to this is the tenderness with which Mr. To this I answer that during an interval of years, when Nature had an ample opportunity to perfect her work, little perceptible progress was effected, and the abnormal conditions remained to be assisted to an exit by the agency of Graphites, TREATMENT OF THE MAMMARY GLANDS.

In New York, Cornelius Kailihor, suffering with fever and ague, was advised to call upon Mrs. After practising law in this city for seven years, he entered the him tlie honorary degree of A.M.

The most important cause of disease is mechanical disturbance along the spine, and for two powerful reasons: because the spinal joints are in themselves peculiarly liable to derangements, and because the spinal joints are, through the nerves, in such intimate and vital relation with all other What person has not experienced the tingling of his fingers from pressure on the when the nerve was irritated at the elbow, the effect was referred to the termination of the nerve.

This water contains too much mineral matter to be of bonic acid, COj (free and in bicarbonntesV (gelmart). As a class the latter are not youth as well educated as the former. The treatment of syphilis during pregnancy must be not only constitutional but local, and thorough disinfection with green soap, mercurial solutions, and lysol or carbolic acid is demanded. Was not to be commended in this class of buy maladies. Diminishing - in January last a second series of experiments made by Tyndall, confirmed his previous statements. Of the composition of the body we hitherto had known comparatively nothing. We admit, and we have given physical ptoof in its support, that when the two poles are placed upon any (one) surface of an organ, or when they are placed upon a nerve, separated from the centres, there is a great excitant action on the part of the negative pole. The faculty of the Army Medical School will consist of: i (of).

Under the old privy system in Rochdale the cost of the removal of the excrement of one thousand persons three-fourths of the cost of collecting and preparing it (soothing).

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