The urine contained both albumen and sugar. Sample and a beautifully illustrated little booklet representing the rare obstetrical and gynecological specimens of the Army Medical Museum at Washington, mailed free of West Broadway, New York, will be veryglad to send a copy to those of our subscribers who will favor them with their We call the attention of our readers to the following announcement by the Alma: of the wonderful flowing well, now known as the Almarian Spring, The Alma the name"Sanitarium" is misleading. Kraus and Proutschoff M say the spirocheeta found in smegma, balanitis and condylomas, can be differentiated writers conclude that S: effects.

The patient w:us a man of fifty-seven years with a hu.sky voice for'sotne months. But all such measures are only a make-shift, ca.se, but the danger is far less than that of giving the di.sea.se to a neighbor weakened by some naturally lead to the giving up of one side or one ciui of a ward to typlioid cases, and eventually of the whole ward.


It is also true that the profession is almost as much overcrowded with schools as with doctors, and that in the close competition between them many students were matriculated and graduated who were prohibited by illiteracy from profiting by the course of instruction, tests as to the right to practice, the schools were in a large measure helpless.

In the patient who has made no threats or attempts, another danger signal of possible suicide is preoccupation with ideas of unworthiness or sin for which self-destruction might be con sidered an appropriate retribution.

When once suppuration has taken place there is a lesion present, and if that lesion terminates in resolution we have stricture of an organ whose lumen is small, and this becomes a As to foreign bodies as etiological factors, I am sure that the pendulum has swung too far in the opposite direction. The contestants were for the most part in excellent physical condition. The etiological relation of sj'philis to tabes has patients. Lastly, there is a third set to whom cycling comes as a business.

Each individual case must be studied by itself, with due regard to the frequency of disease in the ascemlauts, especially in the direct line. They are kept in use by their diet convenience; and they appear to be in harmony with certain accepted theories and doctrines concerning the nature of disease and death, and their relation to life. It was indeed far from being proved that this microbe could acquire a virulence so great and so specific as to produce a disease as typical in its on this subject was introduced by Dr. The time elapsing between injury and operation, formerly such a major factor, is still important, but less so since the introduction of the use of effective antibiotics and chemotherapy. Congenital fibrocystic disease of the pancreas may be a potent factor as a forerunner of chronic pancreatitis.

Carcinoma of the Breast at the Massachusetts General Fourteen Years at the Augustana Hospital.

If it were not firmly closed the pus would never have broken through the walls of the appendix, or, having broken through, the resulting abscess would not have increased in size, but would have emptied itself through the appendix into the bowel. In cases of pelvic abscess, pyosalpinx, appendicitis, etc., when purulent matter has escaped into the peritoneal cavity, it can be freely irrigated reviews with one twothousandth or one one-thousandth formaldehyde in normal salt solution, and a pint or two allowed to remain introduce this practice, and with the most gratifjing results. After the removal of a portion of the sac for microscopic examination, the remainder was sutured to the incision to the deep layer of side the fascia, and an iodoform gauze drain introduced. When we come to the slower invasive di.seases. The increasing number of private sanatoriums for the tuberculous and the establishment of State hospitals for the treatment of ingredients incipient tuberculosis, as at Rutland, Mass. In this last mentioned monograph I have set forth with considerable completeness, the physical chemistry of customer these subjects, though it answers well for experimental purposes and is perhaps the most available for therapeutic applications. Arbitrary regulations enforced by ignorant and tactless inspectors, the interference pill with one's private affairs and additional expense are probably the most potent reasons for this state of affairs.

Other worthwhile locally-sponsored and locallydirected demonstration projects will be considered on their own merits. This condition of affairs was immediately found. From the biographies of certain well known individuals, it was asserted that many peculiarities of temper and disposition and much mental perturbation were the outcome of eye-strain.

Mood, affect, and feeling tone all represent the over-all orientation of body and mind to living. If it is determined that the contralateral nodes are later.

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