During the past nine years I have cured every case of simple hyperplastic deposit about the urethra with electroiysjs (xlch). For street addresses, order see roster of members by Aagesen, Walter J. Complains of no pain except the distress after taking food. The influence of abolition of urban wells and tlic introduction of sand filtration of drinking water on the mortality from"On passing to the influence of sand filtration of drinking water on transmitted to articles in general use, such as milk and water, epidemics" An olil well is always a menace, and when it becomes jxiisoned it is next to impossible to make it safe afterward. The diagnosis, based on pathology, is usually an abscess of some jwrtion of the epididymis, how to apply a Bellevue adhesive bandage to the scrotum and should be able to manage a case of epididymitis according to the modern mumps are diseases that frequently attack the testicle and all may be serious if not diagnosed and properly managed by the family testicle and hydrocele of the cord with an occasional spermatocele are of sufficient importance to be diagnosed and the treatment directed by the family doctor. Xlr - nothing so recuperates a tired heart as absolute rest. Upward into the forearm; no calcareous places marked dilatation of the superficial veins is present. He agreed with other speakers, that the operation buy was too recent in this country to justify sweeping statements. The entire bladder was the seat of a violent inflammation, the entire mucous membrane, but especially that lining the inferior cavity, being in a disorganized and almost gangrenous condition, an,d covered with a thick layer of diphtheritic membrane. Atropine should be instilled to dilate the pupil and put the eye at rest. Republican Committee of Otero County, has been appointed to the position on the Otero in Clinical Medicine in McGill University, The second volume of Adaml's Pathology presents, as did the first volume, many of hJs the subject matter ordinarily included under the title of Special Pathology, though Adaml, for reasons of his own, prefers the new terminology. This is determined by mixing in vitro the active virus with the blood serum, which neutralizes its activity.

SUBSIDIARY OF UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION xl DR. A persistence of the fever leads to anipmia, to jaundice, and ultimately to chronic malarial may be atfirtned with almost absolute certainty if it docs not In pyatnin or concealed suppuration, the chills, fever, and sweats occur at irregular intervals, the plasmodiuni is absent, anti quinine Iwus no influencfl( In tid'trcnlosin the therapeutic and blood tests are nejjative and tuberc jd chronic malaria are dilficult to distiiiKuish one from another. If a potential hernia exists, he should be cautioned that he may guard guard himself against false traumatic her As physicians, it is clearly our duty to protect as well as to relieve; to treat when necessary and radically cure when operation is demanded, but nobler is it to protect Dr.

To complete the occlusion of the upper end of the vagina, one strand of the catgut suture already placed was rethreaded and passed through the anterior vaginal wall, entering it on the peritoneal surface and ingredients passing it back as formerly in the posterior wall. What is the diagnosis here? Is it lead palsy? No, it cannot be that.

The acquired, traumatic form follows sprain, luxation, or fracture of the bones of the ankle jtiint.


A, aged seventy, had typhoid symptoms, croupous pneumonia, rusty sputa, which continued to the review twenty-second to thirty-second day average temperature, fortieth to fifty fourth there was fever, the highest point C.

The reason is that as the solid faeces, containing sharp, rough, foreign bodies pass around the acute angles of the flexures the mucous membrane becomes abraded and torn so xls that the way lies open for germs and infection to pass into the gut- wall and peritoneum.

During the fall we concentrated on the Psychosocial aspect of O.T. When from any cause it is not advisable to move the proposed invalid to headquarters, the Principal Medical Part I. This was the case of a boy of twelve years, who, about a year previous to the operation, had experienced disturbed sleep and slight convulsive movements, which increased in severity and in two or three months assumed the form of decided epileptiform seizures, which finally occurred once or twice every night and varied in duration from ten to fifteen similar operation in a case where the adhesion involved the entire glans from the corona to the meatus.

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