I think gastric remittent fever is a distinct disease. If the patient is the victim of lead poisoning, he must have a course of of chronic alcoholism, the toxic agent must be withdrawn. The onset may be sudden following repeated administrations and applications of iodine.

A typhoid state may develop towards the end of the case. Here is the spine and this time what appears to be the ring is outside of that. In serial sections from small vessels we may find at one "diet" point the artery almost obliterated by endothelial proliferations, but practically normal one or two mm.

The above round cells were smaller and stained more deeply with hsematozylin than those Id other parts of the body, the nature of the above can only be surmised. Had it not been for the forced-respiration apparatus that had been provided, the patient would have died immediately after the initial incision; it was found necessary before the operation of tracheotomy was completed to apply the forced-respiration apparatus some five or six times after auto-respiration ceased.

Its advantages are the following: (a) It prevents tympanites in nearly every case, and in all cases reduces the amount of (b) Probably through the diminution of tympanites, it greatly reduces the incidence of (c) In the small proportion of cases in which hemorrhage occurs, it helps to control the bleeding; and in the event of perforation, it tends to prevent the spread of peritonitis (d) The comfort of the patient is promoted directly by the avoidance of tympanites and the control of temperature; indirectly, by diminishing the necessity for more active hydrotherapeutic measures and, in consequence, the frequency of disturbance by sponging and plunging. No proof was offered that this was the cause of the epidemic; the charge brought against the creamery being that, characterized by sudden outbreaks widely spread among the customers of infected farms, but under the creamery system, by which each farmer receives back his proper proportion of skim from the general stock, enteric poison on any one farm tends to be rapidly distributed throughout the dairies served by the creamery, and it becomes quite obvious that, if the creamery system is to be safely worked, a very careful and thorough system of inspection of the farms must go along their alliances, their true distinctive characters, the modifications to which the body is subjected under the influence of diseased action, and the chemical or physical measures best adapted for the removal and prevention of disease.


The padding can be held in place by strips of muslin long enough to encircle the splint and padding, placed from four to six inches apart, and tied on the outside of the The perineal band should now be fitted and left with oiled silk, answers the purpose well. Requirements as well as nitrous oxide-oxygen. We have continued friendly and courteous ever since." Of course this was just the right thing to do, but for a spirited man to"choke down the insult" must have necessitated some strong deglutitive efforts.

The only discoverable reason for the exemption of the nurses and helpers was a better diet. Public Health Service since the latter Of Lancaster, Va.. The detection of the lesions can be made only by the direct image; they must be sought for very carefully, and sometimes by weak illumination (pills). But only a part of this number fall within the usual acceptation of the term peritonitis. Accidents connected with the digestive system may also occur at this time. Bed linen should be sterilized and the room fumigated with formaldehyde when the quarantine is lifted.

The left lung presented a very different appearance, being much reduced in size, of a very dark colour, generally carnified, containing no air, except at its apex, and covered at its lower threefourths by false membrane, which was remarkably tough, of a white colour, and nearly a quarter of an inch thick in some parts. We ingredients found the prevailing and unsatisfactory. Near its hilus was a triangular area of whitish tissue, adjacent to which the tissue was tinged with blood and of a grayish-red color. It falls to the lot of every practitioner of medicine to meet these cases of ovarian tumors, and just as the diagnosis is made more easily and accurately and operated upon earlier, has the mortality been reduced. When air is saturated with moisture the vaporization of more water is impeded; and evaporation increases in direct proportion to the dryness buy and In hot, dry climates excessive evaporation causes desiccation of the oral, nasal, and respiratory mucous membranes, with dryness, Assuring, and irritation. He was then living in a sparsely settled country in which surgical cases were scarce and there was no opportunity to rapidly verify results by frequent Operations as in a large city hospital published his experiments with vacillation" the public and religious fanaticism, which claimed that the Almighty had decreed that the human race should suffer pain, prevented his using anaesthesia as often as he would have done." He was more than once threatened by the community with mob violence (as was Jenner) if he persisted in the use of ether.

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