Some undress the patient completely, and place a blanket or sheet over the upper part of the body; but oftener, only those parts are uncovered which are to be exposed to In a variety of ailments, this bath is highly valuable.

Cystine, an organic substance very seldom met with in calculi, requires a separate analytical process. Anyone who will take the time to espaƱol read this book will surely be wiser and more cautious in medical selection. The length of this interval is inversely as the number of number; in yet plainer and more homely terms, the attacks come"thicker and faster;" the space between them gradually shrinking from three or four years to one or two months. It may be regarded as established that the cholera vibrio does disappear rapidly in certain water, e. Albumin, later, reviews was found in the urine. I have received several cultures from the Johns Hopkins laboratory and these, as well as others which have been sent to me from elsewhere, have given markedly more effects luxuriant growths in my hands than the original culture- from which they were planted; whether this is due to the reaction or the general constitution of the media is more than I can say. The cough is at first dry and the sputum scanty. The Ea.st Anglian Uraneh was, we believe, the oldest Branch of the Association: dr. As a medicine it is diuretic, cathartic, and refrigerant.

Sometimes the disease gets well in a few days; at other times, it degenerates into the chronic forms, and iasts a long time.

But if diabetes may be caused by atrophy of the pancreas, following pancreatitis, this inflammatory condition probably arises from mfective causes, at least in some instances, and may follow acute amazon specific diseases, in the same fashion as nephritis follows scarlatina, to quote a well known example. Some theoretical considerations upon the nature of agglutinins together with further observations upon Bacillus typhi abdominalis, Bacillus enteritidis, Bacillus coli communis, Bacillus lactis side aerogenes, and some other bacilli of allied character, Fischer, M.

EPITOME OF CURRENT slimming MEDICAL LITERATURE. The Capillaries are the extremely fine net-work of vessels between the ends of the arteries on the one side, and of the veins on the other.


But their neophytes and pupils will by no means so see the world; they protest that there are bird-songs, mother-love, laughter; that there are sports of children and" sports" of mao morphology (how the last must be to the scientist as holy-water to the stage-mephisto,) and if" evolution" covers these things, the sensible child will unconsciously say," Why, then it can t be such a horrid bugaboo as our teachers would have us believe." There is therefore a lazy, cunning, double sin thus dextrously allowed and encouraged by those who should have both more honor and more intellect. Confirmation of the pathogenic power of the organism from the presence of a specific reaction has not yet been established.

The ingredients clearest evidence of the com mon duty of humanity toward the general plant world consists in the sin of deforestation. Frequently there are derangements of the appetite and digestive functions, a white or brown fur upon the tongue, a harsh, dry skin, As a diuretic, give an infusion of buchu, uva ursi, trailing arbutus, queen of the meadow, etc.

Sometimes a child's head, from this disease, will reach the size of an adult's, by the time it is five or six years old. It is much used to excite the flow of the menses, and should never be given to women during pregnancy. Prenatal en clinic service was available under State Health Department supervision in only seventeen per cent of urban counties. As Bouillaud first pointed out, pneumonia is one of the causes of endocarditis. This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the buy world's books discoverable online.

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