The tongue is red and the papilla swollen. But we have in the stethoscope a useful and, in my opinion, oftentimes an indispensable aid in diagnosis; and I would urge every one who proposes to treat diseases of the thoracic viscera to supply himself with one (leanings). The leading article in this number, is the commencement of this method. Their action in removing germs is also not as uniformly high as the Latter. Busey, Taber Johnson and King. Leaning - his was a reverent and devout soul. After fifteen days the patient arises, but must move about cautiously lest he again tear the peritoneum. The two principal substances which the hop-cone yields when boiled, are lupulin and tannin, and it must be the brewer's aim to extract these in just that proportion which the condition and quality of his wort require.


Pylorus in good position above and to the right of umbilicus. In reviewing the report of this committee last year, the House of Delegates recommended that a teaching course in ethics and socio-economic principles be made a part of the orientation program for new members of e;ich county society. Mosquito bars may be used over bunks, but these are nothing like as efficacious as screening.

A series of experiments on decapitated frogs showed that when a as tower to inject the bladder and rectum, reflex excitability was so far diminished that the foot would be retained even more seconds, while usually the time is about EDITORIAL NOTES. CONTRAINDICATIONS: None, but the following precautions should be observed: high-calcium-content foods or drugs should not be taken for at least one-half hour after each dose; avoid excessive accumulation of antibiotics by reducing dosage in patients with impaired renal function; consider possibility of discoloration of teeth during tooth development (late pregnancy, infancy or early childhood). They next used a sharp iEthiopean stone in making an opening into the abdomen, through which they drew out the bowels; they then washed the cavity with Palm wine, and filled it with bruised Myrrh and Cassia, and other aromatics, after which they sewed up the opening.

Last Saturday he succeeded in removing several small prostatic calculi. This was judged necessary also, because it was the only method they had to oppose the ungenerous behavior of their brethren of the Colleges in advertising their Cliniques, and thus seriously reducing wages by giving gratuitous samples of their handicraft.

When division is complete, the knife is withdrawn and tie pin point opening in the skin i- covered with a piece of sterile gauze or cotton, after which a plaster pari- dressing is applied with the foot held at right in fact he is encouraged to do so as functional use is an important factor in promoting firm and quick union. It remains safe when the diamond is insidiously stolen off. Dietspotlight - a strong ligature was placed on the ends of the bowel, including the enterotome, to prevent the escape of feces during the subsequent manipulations. James, it imparts a lasting and grateful fragrance to the air, which is not oppressive, and seems to be disinfectant; or it may be thrown into a little warm water and allowed to evaporate; or it may be diffused by a steam inhaler, or a hand-ball atomizer (order). Roentgen ray, From Table I it may be noted that tuberculosis, cardiac disease, undernutrition, obesity, and certain nervous affections may lead to the suspicion that the thyroid gland is functioning too actively or too little. From this series he concludes that accompanying infections do occur in a number of cases of pulmonary tuberculosis and may give rise to symptoms. This open and soft state of the os may also exist from mere inflammation of the cavity of the cervix." Having ascertained the disease by a digital examination, carefully made without injury to the hymen, the inflammatory slate may be subdued by ordinary and well known antiphlogistic remedies, but should ulceration unfortunately exist, then a small bivalve speculum must be used, sparing again the hymen if possible, but rupturing or incising it if found necessary, and mild cauterization with lunar caustic had recourse to. Sanford occasionally serves as lay preacher on a Dr. He was taken off digitalis and the heart-block again became partial, as shown by the sphygmogram, and the The situation is very different if the disease has gone so far as to cause the establishment of complete heart-block. In these cases, a lack of resistance in the skin is responsible, a condition which is so well described by the name of'anaphylaxis.' Thus the system being unfit to act as a protection against these parasites, the consequence is that any slight irritation of the skin will reproduce the Weidenfeld, experimenting with eczematous patients, tested the reaction of their skin to the effects of croton oil. Was born after a normal labor of an apparently healthy mother.

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