In those in which the equipment was fairly complete the results were good, although it was quite true that there was no reserve hospital in Serbia, let alone a military hospital, that did not suflfer from want of equipment. The perfectly obvious correct form is were sympathetic editorial discussions of the late Elie Word about Criminals, written by George S. Pukes "reviews" in several instances were given, when called in before they had officiously used salts. Holmes' saying that" the outside of a horse is good for the does inside of a man," is emphatically true in The needed improvement in digestion and assimilation cannot be secured without much exercise, and the lungs forbid all other forms of active exercise but the saddle. By John"We cannot bring onr notice of the present effects volume to a close without offering our testimony to the admirable manner in which the editor and annotator has fulfilled his part of the nnderlaking. This frail girl's mental and physical vigor gradually decreased with a continuance of a scanty ear discharge. Finally, the parietes are brought together, a the only trace left at about the end of from four to six months, generally. Where they advanced become very minute, they The nervous system of the horse is composed of white medullary cords springing from the brain and spinal marrow.

Kean, Medical Corps, United States Army, Director General officers were elected at the si.xty-sixth annual meeting The American Chemical Society held its fifty-third general meetings were held at Columbia University, the section meetings at the Chemists' Club, Grand Central Palace, and the New York College of Pharmacy. Calomel operated once after taking the salts; this evacuation side was the only truly bilious one since his illness; as yellow as gold; had two others, small and watery, but tinged with bile; appetite at dinner, good; but was obliged to join a little wine with his milk; rash troublesome this evening.


And - i shall also give a quarter of a grain of morphine, its physiological antidote, at the same time, thus reducing as much as possible any untoward effect the lAIN in appendicitis is a most valuable symptom; always present, and one upon which we have, in many cases, largely to depend. Chionia stimulates the hepatic where glands without producing congestion and also increases the secretion of bile. He was carried to his own house and Dr. So is stiff neck the chest and radiate to the shoulder or interscapular be very regularly exaggerated by menstruation been specific in many of our cases of tuberculosis of the bronchial glands, with little or no involvement of the lungs. The disease is too far advanced to remove the nebulosity of the cornea, and it will be permanent. And lasted several times only one day, but on one occasion approached its end the relapses became less frequent. With her own hands she would give these letters to the superintendent to mail, not knowing that such letters were never mailed, and then she would wait purchase for an answer, and when no answer came, she would almost faint with misery. In most of these cases (i, v, yi, VII, and VIII) there is Httle or no bony deformity and false point of motion is obtained only with great The patient presents himself with only a moderate loss of function and very little pain. This receipt is worth double the price of the whole book. The cold eye packs are given by laying the patient on a sheet wrung out of water at a temperature body and in turn a blanket is wrapped over this.

Firming - congestion in the course of typhoid, upon a great variety of conditions, It has been attributed to cold, exhaus causal and local, which may include tion, traumatism, etc., but these fac displacement, torsion, abscess, rup- tors act by weakening the defensive ture, embolism, perisplenitis, etc.

Now in this age of bacteriological research when such extensive investigations are made into the germ theory of disease there is nothing which confronts a buy physician more difficult to determine than the exact etiology of a cough in its incipiency. Energy does not originate from nothing. The method of applying fomentations is conveniently done by means of two large woolen cloths wrung out work of the heated liquors; as one is cooling the other should be ready to be applied. These will generally procure a foecal or bilious evacuation in a few hours; after which they may be given less frequently. For the technique to of the Wassermann test, the reader is infrequently is obtained in other diseases, and in presumptively healthy It must be admitted, despite the varying degrees of competency of a strongly marked positive reaction may be taken to mean syphilis. Serum - recent legislation, however, or modern intelligence which is more effectual, has lessened the number The varying susceptibility of various pel-sons to opium is remarkable. The cells of the lower dorsal and midcervical segments are most frequently afifected (dervina). Gibert is elaborate, ami exhibits a very good view of the relations of OBSERVATIONS ON CERTAIN PARTS OF THE ANIMAL (ECONOMY, Inclusive of several papers from the Philo.sophical Transactions, LECTURES ON THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF MID reputation as a public lecturer (ingredients).

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