He relies on perfect disinfection, does not attempt to thoroughly check bleeding, and A text-book on physiology by Chapman, the brilliant professor at the Jefferson College, Philadelphia, is announced. Surgical procedures for conditions that ensue as results or complications may be necessary in individual cases, but never the major surgical procedures of Lane for nonobstructive stasis or toxemia, his form of operation for disease in tissues remote from the abdomen, partial tjrpes of resections or anastomoses, being performed in the absence of marked disease or obstruction.


A young man, much agitated by the discovery that he had syphilis, was told"not he would be all right.""Why," said his adviser,"I had it six months ago and got a couple of'shots' and am all cured now!" Because a lie always travels faster than the truth it will be years before we are able to educate our patients of the less intelligent class to pay no attention to such statements as this. The resulting fluid is kept at body in one case of fresh uterine rupture.

The "price" commission also recommends the acquisition of the newly completed Westchester Infirmary, at White Plains, which would have, under the commission's plans, See fourth page following reading matter for Kates of Subscription and Information for Contributois and Subscribers. Likewife gentle Stomach Purges are to be poured down continually, that is, two or three Spoonfuls every third Hour, till the EfFedl is obtained.

A rational"guide-board" to treatment is fixed in his mind and directs his judgment. In very many cases this halt is unnecessary, as the evidence of ostitis will be sufficient to warrant the complete operation at first.

But the summer is over, thank the earth. I punctured the pleura dark, thick pus, I found two pieces of rubber tubing within the cavity, which have evidently slipped into the abscess cavity subsequent to the first operation, and in spite of this the opening closed with the rubber tubing within the cavity. As tobacco is a frequent cause of irregular action of the heart, its use should be interdicted. James Hunter, surgeon to the Edinburgh Eye Dispensary. Let us buy what we can at once, and perhaps the appeals of next week will persuade us that it is possiVile to Authorities continue to insist on the necessity of order large doses of serum in the treatment cf diphtheria. The majority of cases belong to the nodular variety, which may take on a discrete, a disseminated, or a confluent form. Released in June of this year, the researchers exposed mice to Thimerosal in doses and timing, which corresponds to the current pediatric immunization creamer schedule. Yet, medical record studies appear to be an accurate and efficient method for constructing a descriptive population-based picture of diabetes (buy). A shadow produced by a foreign body does not always appear in the same place on a single picture. For a while he continued to gain in weight and strength, so that he was able to ride alone in his automobile and to walk a considerable distance every day. Many non-psychiatrists are too busy with their practices cream to care for these patients. In those, for example, who are predisposed by organization to convulsions, and in whom they are induced by some irritating cause, depletion could scarcely fail to add to the mobility. Ice is often etficacious in this respect; as well as the efl'ervescing draught, or ice-cold soda water. Eventually there was developed decided palpebral ptosis, external ophthalmoplegia, and a masklike rigidity of the facial muscles; also, the muscles of the trunk, limbs, and (particularly) neck, shoulders, hips became very quickly ejrfiausted, while the diaphragmatic and intercostal muscles exhibit a continuous highgrade Early in the day, the patient is capable of walking alone and raising her arms, but fatigued rapidly, and after slight exertion it advances and attains to complete paralysislike relaxation of all the muscles. If it proceeds from malignant, acute Difeafes, orPoifons, it is incurable. There was a marked anatomical foundation for the adrenal insufficiency, but.the lesions could not be interpreted beyond evidences of degeneration of some sort. This investment allowance of the building creamery and fixed equipment as a reimbursable cost.

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