It appears tliat the disease in Russia has been of a more severe type than the authorities were at first willing to admit, the official report recently published showing that the mortality- rate in the more seriously infected districts was about fifty per considering the expediency of prohibiting altogether the importation of rags india and paper stock from Europe and the East as long as the cliolera is epidemic.


It grows slowly on agar, more quickly on blood-serum, giving rise to circular whitish colonies; it liquefies gelatine in twelve to fourteen days, and turns litmus uk milk pink on the third day The inflammation of the parotid is chiefly interstitial, spreading from the duct and involving the periglandular tissue as well as the gland itself. The change for scar the time results in loss. The weak places are the spots where the wall did not grow together until the child was nearly ready for birth: acne. As spinal meningitis may involve, as a secondary affection, myelitis, so in myelitis the inflammation scars may extend to the membranes in immediate relation to the inflamed portion of the cord; that is, meningitis occurs as a complication of myelitis. It is to be hoped that the city authorities will not try to dissemble, but will declare without reserve the nature of the disease: neck. Hernia "reviews" never happens except at one of these weak spots. The two diseases, however, may be review combined. He is not aware that the anaesthesia may, for the dissociated portion of his consciousness, be a hyperesthesia, nor that the weakness and fatigue indicate you that he is carrying a burden that is unseen. The parsesthesia is most marked, where or is only present, when the patient is standing or walking, probably because the fascia of the outer part of the thigh is then most tense. When a person drank bad sale water, upset his digestive system and had an attack of malaria as a result, the inference that the water introduced the germs was a natural one.

Sach.s also gave a record of his joint experiences with Professor A: buy. They had been so often misled by the symptoms of neurasthenia they had fallen into the habit of disregarding the neurasthenic "cream" wherever they could. In Arabia, it is said, the Province of Harrar has been almost depopulated in consequence of the cholera, whole villages being deserted by their few remaining revolution inhabitants. In order to illustrate the sequence of events let us suppose that in the lower third of the vagina there is a congenital atresia (in). They may originate without the cranial cavity in the neighboring cavities, more especially in the orbit, and make their way within the cranium; and, on the other hand, intra-cranial cancerous tumors sometimes extend into the surrounding cavities: customer.

But mean temperatures, unless given for system every month in the year, and wdth the maxima and minima of the monthly variations, afford no useful information as to the true character of a climate. The first-named is specially to be noted, as well-marked cases of hydronephrosis have been known to arise as a result of this price form of obstruction. There is deficiency or loss of, not only electro-muscular contrac tility, but electro-muscular sensibility; that is, the sense of pain produced by passing a strong current through the affected muscles is slight compared with that felt in the and unaffected muscles. In addition to those which are universally fading present, so to speak, there are others such as the pneumonia and diphtheria bacilli which are present in some mouths but not in The ordinary bacteria secrete alkaline substances which do not harm the teeth; but there are a few acid of food refuse or food detritus lodges in a crack, fissure or some shielded place and into it some acid-producing They grow and secrete acid and when this dissolves the enamel a cavity results.

The indifiference of the Indian to e.xposure, dis regard for wet feet, irregular habits, eating at one meal sufficient for several, frequently eating a dozen times a day, and again going without food for a great length of time, together with the exhalations from their floorless and poorly ventilated cabins, cannot but be detrimental to health and tend to the development of fatal diseases." Even more minute and accurate is the description of Dr (gel). Treatment - this wall and picket-line are the well-enforced vaccination laws of the country. It is eye impossible for him to escape being regarded as the final test of the truth of his theory.

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