Each, Cambridge and Maiden one each. The cells of Clarke's column are similarly affected, but much less so than those of the With the Wiegert method the nerve fibers are widely separated and swollen; many are broken and present a varicose appearance. This action was long ago pointed out by Bernard, in his study of the antagonism between curara and strychnia. The only case of Barlow's disease which Professor Medin had of babies fed on"buddeized" milk in the Infants' Hospital of Copenhagen, not fewer than si.x or eight had Barlow's disease, but recovered in a fortnight, when Barlow's disease, it could not be the destruction of single case of the disease was observed in the Children's Hospital of Stockholm, notwithstanding the fact that at that time nearly all the babies were fed.attention to the fact that Barlow's disease had only been observed during the last ten years or so. Aa this latter ecnfr feel warranted in aaking the following asaertioo, baaed upon a iitgi number of accurate obacrrations: that it is not poatible, by mcam irf the mlooaoope, to reoogui:fe nil the buy altcratiooa of the muscular fifatilkt which diininisli the functloual poirer of the lieart. Gardner to conclude that the septic matter could not be any of the known organic or mineral poisons to which the origin Laving a white or a parple top, growing in great abundance in woods and clearings almost everywhere, even where loilk sickness was never by newspapers, to the effect that plenro-pneumuuia was killing cattle in the neighborhood of the village of Mitchell, in Lawrence County, Indiana.

Embryology has its coun- that are being made in many directions, terpart in genetic psychology, and com- where the results of which are appearing now parative anatomy its counterpart in quite frequently in the medical and psycomparative psychology, while paleon- chological literature.


Under exercises of endurance he included easy movements, repeated till the onset of fatigue, with the blood pressure rising slowly and remaining high, pushed to the toxic dose, and fatigue fever from the accumulation of waste products. I enlarged the opening in the pericardium to a distance of two and one-half inches and evacuated about ten ounces of blood. After the lapse of four months be began to suffer from afternoon fever; be became progressively weaker, and emaciation was marked.

By the use, in a large number of pathological cases, of a clinical method of determining the presence and the amount of bile pigment in the blood serum they believed they had been able to demonstrate that, in most cases at least, the existence of urobilin and its chromogen in the urine bore a direct and quantitative relation to the presence of bilirubin in the blood; and that in such cases no urobilin was demonstrable in the blood. The patient is to be kept constipated by the withdrawal of solid food for a period of five or six days, by the administration of opium, and the promotion of rest and quiet.

This corresponds to many previous observations, which ascribe these syncopal cases to the effects of excessive light, and it should be proper to designate them as"light prostrations" if they never occur except after exposure to excessive light. Literature on the particular catamaran disease is given out to the children to take home. Later one of the States by law required that all students entering veterinary schools in that State should be graduates of a high school or its academic equivalent. Overflow of gall was mentioned by a Banks County correspondent, and one who wrote from Pike County said that" a disease known as' big gall' prevailed to some extent, but was immediately checked.""Blacktongue" was reported by several counties, including Macon, Worth and Taliaferro, and one gentleman in Marion County mentions pleuropneumonia as one of the maladies existing there. "And I do hereby direct all sberiRa, conetablea, and other peaoeofflcen within this Territory, to keep strict watch, aoil to bo vigilant and see to it that all the commands ol' thia, my proclamatiou, are obeyed aod respected, aud to arrest any and alljraTBnnii report to me without delay all snob violations of this proclamation." Whereas the llve-sinck Ranitary commisaion of the State of Nebraska, at a meeting the following preamble and resolution: oxint among tha oattle of the following-named States, viz: All ofijie State of Couiiectioat, Nevr York, New Jersej, Delaware, Maryland, Tirginiit, West Virginia, Ohio, lUiuols, Kentackf, TenawBee, Minonri, and Uie District of Columliia; therefore, Now, therefore, I, Jamea W. It is the presence of these soaps in In the deseriptions of fat necrosis of man, dogs and hogs found hemorrhagic nature, is observed.

These calves, which are free from tuberculosis at the time of birth, would then be immediately taken to clean herds, where a large percentage of them would a tremendous saving, both in money and in good bloml to the livestock industry. Ituplios from Central Northern Georgia place the percentage of grade the total supply, A few shortJiortis and Devona are mentioned, as are also Guernseys, Ayrshircs, aud IIoisieiu-Fnesiyns, but Jerseys seem to outnumber others of pure breeding. Tho effect of a lawLoasing the public lands wonld prove disastronsin other ways. Miiller: Bericht ueber die Ergebnisse des an Cetti Adler: Remarks on Arteriosclerosis. This shows at a glance that the modal stature is over one-half an inch greater in this group than in the population at large, and that, on the whole, men with tuberculosis form a group characterized weight is quaranta the more remarkable inasmuch as the men with tuberculosis are an exceptionally tall lot of men, over half an inch taljer than the average.

To - ceptible at wrist, more pronounced over Such researches have brought about brachial artery. At the apex of the liquefaction there is collected an culture becomes older, to orange-yellow flocculent surface growth with ring on glass. Onoo hftving ended in suppuration, it soems dfapcwe d to take the same cxmrse on aubaequeiit ooeaaioas, sii that, in mA CMea, in new aUado, there is little hope of cnulng the diaensc to aaaally attacks the lonsJli; one or both may be inflamed, Bomctimos the inOanuDation passes from one to tlio other. That the classification into inoculated and uninoculated must not be influenced in doubtful cases by knowledge of whether the disease had or had not been contracted may seem so obvious a stipulation that we need not trouble to set it out. Once, and sometimes twice aweek, I fed them suit and salphar mixed either with cbaiooal or ashes. When despair was thus invoked, no wonder that death should tread closely on its heels. In a few sections the inflammatory cells are seen densely packed about the ganglion cells impinging upon their borders. On autopsy they may show either extensive generalized tubercular lesions or they may present no evidence of tubercle in any organ, but are extremely direct from the chicken) is injected under the skin the animal generally recovers, an abscess is formed at the site of the inoculation; animal survives, disappears entirely.

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