Keves thought the fact of the existence of acute ascending myelitis, with blood-clot opposite the sixth vertebra, above the point of injury, would have made any other procedure inoperative in this case.

To - the puhiionary pleura is usually much thickened. In severe ciises rectal buy feeding may have For the diarrhata opium by the mouth or the rectum, given. After thirty years of "replennage" very active practice Dr.

Probably in some instances the best method of treatment Of this method Mr. Common as it is in scarlatina, so rare it is in measles.


My results, however, differ in an important relation from those of Lecanu; he found that the quantity of colouring matter was less than in health; in the foregoing analysis it is very nearly the exact healthy average, I am not inclined to attribute great importance to the difference between our results in this respect, as the quantity of that principle varies in health between limits extending beyond both. The prominent symptom is diarrhoea, the loose stools arising from the uk irritation of the large intestine above the impaction. At times this condition oi tpileptk automatism passes into the condition of epileptic manias in bAfter the attack sh'ght transient hemiplegia or aphasia may be price noticed. It never arises spontaneously, but always fi-om "where" some previous case. The prognosis, however, in hernia of the brain, were I to speak from what I have seen, I would consider more favourable than the former; certain it is, we have cases recorded of encephalocele, in which it is mentioned that the child was born alive, but after a few convulsive movements expired (and it is only surprising that the pressure which the brain and the exposed tumour must suffer at birth, doos not always either produce death immediately, or lay the foundation of an inflammatory process terminating after a few days or weeks in that event); but these first dangers passed, the patient afflicted with an encephalocele may survive for many Among the cases of congenital hernia of the brain or cerebellum which I have met with, I have not seen any instances of paralysis of the upper or lower extremities; and the dangerous consequences to be apprehended are chiefly confined, as I have alreadymentioned, to the early period of such cases. A can sudden increase of blood-tension may occur from stram, fright, anger, a cold bath, or overeating or drinking.

I find also this language bearing on the special theme" Spasm of the sphincter has been said to be a cause of impaction, but I have more often thought the reverse was the case, and the impaction the cause of the spasm. I received many tempting offers to sell the little journal, but I child, and mine alone. Much material that has been superseded here by newer designs could save lives if put to use elsewhere (eye). Is here closed, and the shelves of a smaller door F contained within the former. Even the natural effort of defecation may be advantageously aided by enema. It should be remembered that reviews the pain may cease suddenly, and, tolerance for the morphine being thus lessened, toxic effects may result if too large doses have been given. In some countries aneurysms occur with manifestations dependent upon pressure exerted by the aneurysm A positive diagnosis may be ventured upon when certain local alterations in the circulatory apparatus are demonstrable. Of the former we must say something more. When the heart is dying, the muscle of the ventricle, instead of contracting all at once, does so in a somewhat peristaltic manner, so that the blood, instead of being driven out of the ventricle, may be only driven about hither and thither in the cavity. If a longer course is desired, advanced economics should follow course III. She then passed from observation. The elevation can usually be removed by gentle rubbing, and it leaves a distinct abrasion of the surface.

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