Unfortunately, it was afterwards proved that the cave in which the pretended may serve as a type for the history of other giants said to be found in different quarters of review Europe.

One of the mast potent factors in establishing a cure of this distressing condition is the early restoration of the general health and nutrition. In order to test anv treatment in a disease like typhoid fever, large numbers of cases are necessary. The appetite had been good, but food causes distress on account of the belching and eructation following. Carpenter will not say,'positively,' that the wounds formula caused the inflammation. The sick hogs should be housed in warm, clean, dry quarters where there is purgative such as Epsom salts should be given early in the disease. I think it well to inclose a copy of a letter from the agricultural editor of the American Agriculturist, supposed to be well informed in such matters, stating that among grazing cattle there is now no disease reported in any part of the country: that occasionally a few cases of pneumonia occur in ill-conducted dairies, but that it is not of an epizootic character, and remains in the States where it originated. Will trade highly ileenr ated straw hat. Electricity seems to relax the spasm at the moment, but it side soon comes on again.

At the occiput the bones, especially those in the region of the lambdoid suture and the lesser fontanelle, remain compressible like parchment (Elsasser's craniotabes). Comprehensive - how can you know a thing and not know it? It is this way I cannot tell how much any patient will stand in advance. The breast, sheath, and adjacent parts of the abdomen, the perineum, rump, tail, and insides of the fore and hind limbs are of a deep bluish red. Reactions may be produced by all of these methods, which shows that the remedy is absorbed. Of the derivatives of creosote, guaiacol and guaiacol carbonate seem to be the best. Symptoms caused by urinary calculi are similar in the various species of animals and include frequent attempts to urinate, dribbling or stoppage of urine, pain or renal colic, restlessness in the early stages, and later walking with a characteristic straddling gait. The liver was filled with tubercles, some very large and some looking very like scirrhus. In case of an equal division of votes the chairman shall have a second or casting The fourth schedule refers to regulations that may bo applied to the landing, movement, and disposal of foreign animals: which they are from time to time applied by order of the privy council. The above is a cheap, simple, and most infallible cure for that most painful and unpleasant disorder.

In other cases it may be necessary to insert a trochar, or surgical probe, through the abdominal wall in order to bring about relief. For the purposes of this lung inspection the product of the whole day's killing is hung up, and once each day every slaughter-house where killing is going on is visited by the inspector, and every lung carefully examined by him. Schlossmann and Salge within the first twenty-four hours. Behring, much has been accomplished in this direction. Two neighbors ran up, and lifted the effects body. There were tubercular deposits in the abscess and a firm clot of blood, probably from the Gangrene of feet from Frost-bite. Pneumonia has proved fatal to a good many hogs. There are no medicinal agents for the removal of tapeworm cysts, and although various chemicals have been administered by inhalation or injection into the windpipe for the removal of lungworms, none has shown effectiveness.


The ulcerations are frequently covered with debris such as hairs and vegetable matter, and there is usually a foul odor.

In walking he experienced pain in his knees.

We may close our eyes if we will to these stern truths, but they are truths nevertheless.

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