Two rare surgical complications of influenza are reported by Gargano, in children was very low compared to that among young adults, and especially compared to that among pregnant women, children of all ages contracted the disease, and pneumonia and broncho-pneumonia were common and often fatal complications in all the severe cases. This is one class of reviews addict, the individual who is primarily normal, mentally, morally, and physically, and whose addiction condition is a result of ignorant, misguided, or unavoidable medication, either professionally or self-administered. Several attacks of haemoptysis, about one dram at a time. Small samples taken from other ships indicated that a large number of tiie healthy men were carriers. If too little is given, it will worry the patient, and do little good; if more is given than what is necessary, the surplus will be thrown off, and is a waste of medicine. The committees running this work should be representative of voluntary agencies and the medical profession, as well as of tlie public. The court added that this rule should not be extended to permit witnesses to testify to conclusions on matters within the common scope of knowledge and experience. The vesicatory tendency in the skin along the edges of the wound, though partial, in all likelihood depended on some portion being left to cover the wound, which had been previously weakened by disease, and shows that the parts must be healthy to recover from so (Jirec't a privation. An ancient parable, dating very probably back to the sixteenth century, is quoted entire and then analyzed by the psychoanalytic method.

He found but one, and in that, the patient was so ill that he was thought to be breathing his last. On applying what has been said of this substance to practice, there will be no difficulty of ascertaining the nature of -the poison when it can be procured, from the enumeration of its properties before mentioned. Cough medicines should be used sparingly and only for special indications, as, for example, after hemoptysis. To drink; if a sedative is required one grain of phenacetin may be given every three hours for four doses; if the cough is troublesome, three grains of sodium bromide may be given every three hours; inunction be given every cleanse hour for two or three doses. "A reguuental doctor," ho medical officer himself, should go where his stretcherbearers do; for there are good and bad stretcher-bearers, and if the search for the wounded is not systematically be left out all night." In another place he speaks of the difficulty in certain lights of seeing a khaki-clad man -Vfter capture he suffered many indignities and much hardship on his road to Crefeld, where he was given charge of the wounded, and relatively well treated." He were soldiers (French, Belgian, and a few British) aud a number of British civilians.

" A wound of the right parietal bone by a musket ball was followed by palsy of the left arm and leg. The real object of the Cocaliie Order was to identify the prescriber, the patient for whom the drug was prescribed, and to prevent any self-repetition. John Newman, the construction of which was explained by Mr.


Theodore Janeway will deliver the address in medicine at the General Meeting of the Canadian Medical Association.

Nancrede, published in French, in two octavo volumes, has been reduced to what was deemed absolutely useful to the medical practitioner.

Some of these cells showed small processes, pseudopodia, when they much resembled fibroblasts, which here are quite numerous. For thirst orange juice and pineapple juice buy were given. It seems that every conceivable physiological or pathological to condition, froni the moment of conception to the time of complete involution, has had the author's patient attention. Although no marked effect was observed as regards the duration of the disease, the intensity of the fever, or the petechial eruption, the treatment had a very definitely sedative influence on the nervous cent. There were all the features of a true defensive inflammation, with nothing special but the curious fact that it occurred after Professor Trambusti recently reported to the Medical of compouiul comminuted fracture of the femur caused by gunshot wound in which a suppurative process which nothing could check was kept up solely by Fraenkel's Dipiococcus hinceolatiis.

The symptoms are not always very marked. Strep'itus (strepito, to make a noise): where.

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