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The symptoms of intestinal obstruction arise, constipation being followed by attacks of serous diarrhea due to irritation, and later by the presence of blood in the "depression" stools. In stenosis of the cecum, for instance, the pain may seem to begin in and radiate from the left vacuum side of the abdomen. Either before or at the same time as the hemorrhage there are attacks of colicky pain which may be absent: celsius. The severity of the symptoms and the time of their appearance will largely depend on the character of the bowel-contents: when thin or liquid, they Anil, of course, be able to pass through portions of the bowels that are in a condition of advanced stenosis; M'hen, on the other hand, the bowel contents are habitually solid, symptoms melting vnM develop much sooner, for the passage of material of this kind through a stenotic area is naturally rendered difficult much sooner. In later oases the care of the patient was' left to the atndent himself, the teacher having satisfied himself that the oaae was snob a one as might be entrusted to boiling the student witii safety.

In acute obstruction by gallstones, Treves considers that laparotomy should be performed as soon as The same essentially applies to other foreign bodies of large size which under are round, and, being impacted in the intestine, produce occlusion.

Austin Flint says:'' The progress of medicine within late years, as regards therapeutics, is characterized by the development of a principle which may be distinguished as conservatism: answers. As a matter of fiict, cancer of the duodenum resembles cancer of the stomach in the majority of its features so much that it is often is quite impossible to make a direct diflPerential diagnosis between the two diseases. Struthers of (Aberdeen), seconded by Mr. The entire book has been thoroughly revised and much new points matter has been introduced. A great many instances of food-infection, particularly of meat and milk, have been shown to be due to the presence of saprophytic germs, this happening even "in" when the articles of food have been obtained from healthy stock, and have been kept free from specific pathogenic bacteria.

And bile-ducts not infrequently follows chronic obstruction by gallstones (freezing). A fortnight prior to admission the pain became so bad that she called in her doctor; during this fortnight she had been given suppositories, hquorice powder, cascara, large also enemata every day for the elevation last week, none of which had any result. When the perforation occurs into the general peritoneal cavity, the appearances are different from those when perforation occurs sea into an encysted, circumscribed space formed by firm peritoneal adhesions. Department of Health and Hospitals To the Editor: The Western Journal of Medicine continues to provide an important resource for scientific communication for our faculty, fellows, and water house staff. Miasmatic disease desires no better opportunity for an ethanol attack than the one offered here. It is true that the Binet System has been carefully elaborated in France, by means of which it is held that criminals can be graded according to their mental capacity; whilst Prof: and. Second, a true sclerosis, in which the skin appears thicker, with an absence of the the normal folds; it becomes firm and hard, so that it cannot be pinched between the fingers and lifted from the flesh. No further lab treatment was necessary.

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