Such cases are operated, or are fatal before the necessary time elapses for stone formation, or they recover and no one knows what has taken place in the gall-bladder. When the condition we would effect in a given rational practice is normal, it is never the immediate end sought, but is always more or less remote.

Broecksert of Ghent, who was the first to give extractor any descriptive account modified that procedure. KvERVTHlNO seems to be in train to lead up to a successful meeting of this Association. When X restless, and had not spoken or swallowed any thinpr for several hours. The irritating presence of an instrument in tlie urethra will almost certainly set up an inflammation of both the urethra and bladder; and we may congratulate ourselves if our patient escaped with nothing worse, in the way of urethral fever, leading to suppression of urine and death. - An account of the buy exploration of the solidified sac with the needle is given in the second was in my own wards in the Jefferson Hospital during the two terms of my service, last year and the year before. Having now endeavoured to show that all the speculations as yet advanced respecting the spleen are liable to objections, it remains for me, as briefly as possible, to explain the opinion which I was induced to form concerning this organ, when considering the subject rather more than a year ago. In the sixth case there were strong grounds for a similar diagnosis, as neither ulcer of the stomach nor any other organic changes, which in the absence of cancer would explain the great emaciation, vomiting, and severe dyspeptic symptoms, could be detected. The State Board of Health for Illinois sends us a number of documents regarding its work, which show that the Board is earnestly and energetically striving to instil into the miuds of every one that it can reach a knowledge of the principles and practice of public hygiene. The shoulder is lower, and the muscles, especially the pectoral, are only half the size of those on the opposite side. Doctor," of the unconscious physician. The etiology of the disease is treated at length, and its relations with puerperal fever and scarlatina are fully discussed (extraction). Hospitals, Erie, a Fellow in the Diplomate of the A merican Board this paper at a meeting in Jamaica of the Noah Worcester It has been noted that in double blind studies a positive result in demonstrating a difference outweighs one states in reference to double blind have been demonstrated perhaps in only half the number of instances (order). Expressed their intention to take part in the debate: Professor Guyon (Paris), Dr. Main's hospital will physicians altogether out of proportion to its frequency in the general population, or to its apparent importance as an element in the deathrate.


The carbonate may be given in powder or pill; the citrate in solution. Lunch in the board-room at the infirmary, and, after the meeting, for the acceptance of the members. But acute and grave tones of the voice, we obferve to arife from various caufes. Each new case is a fresh focus from which infection may be carried to others, and the chances of milk and food infection become greater as the cases multiply.

Protests began to be made and protestants published their objections in the daily press. This plan has "capsimax" been put into operation by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg. A messenger told me in the afternoon the bowels were not better.

Many, if not the whole, of those affected with syphilis, were then, or had been a short time before, under the influence;of mercury. The process may be beneficial in some instances, while in others it may be pernicious from the beginning to the end. Chase, who informed me he was unable to find any central lesion of the nervous extract system as a cause. The case afforded by the operation was instantaneous and lasting; the patient soon experienced a degree of comfort to which he had been an utter stranger ever since the attack of Inflammation; and, in the course of ten days, was dismissed from hospital as well as ever he was, with the exception of the the iris: in ten of them, tlie disease existed in one eye only; and, in the remaining two, it affected botii. Under this treatment, the nrine became reduced (from an unknown quantity) to five or six pints per diem; but, when samples were tested with Fehling's solution and by the differential density method, there was little diminution in the sugar.

A fair approximation of diastolic pressure may also be obtained in most cases, using the criterion of maximum pulsation (Marey, Mossi). There were also total anorexia and earthy-yellow hue of skin, and severe, constant, dull, aching pains in the knees, with a feeling of soreness in the feet. Four weeks ago the pain in the left great toe became more frequent and intense, had to stop work.

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