The hand and wrist were quite sound, but stiff from want of use and from the mischief about the flexor tendons; they improved daily by passive motion and rubbing. X-ray taken one month ago reported negative. A WBAK and abortive report on the adulteration of milk has recently ben prcMStod to the Marylebone Vestry by the official food-analyst. Farcy, formerly described as a separate disease, should be included under glanders. Usually the urine has an acid reaction; but, if there be much admixture of blood, the acidity is lessened by the alkali of the blood. Dissolve distilled water and the hypophosphorous acid, mix the two solutions, filter, and and strain.

The mixture is next transferred to a suitable vessel and boiled for one customer or two minutes. If it is necessary to lift a stretcher over a fence, the leading bearers rest PREVENTION OF DISEASE AND CAEE OF SICK. Raw milk in the case of very young infants, and furee of boiled potatoes, as well as a little raw meat, in children of more than a year, should be substituted for the farinaceous foods and tinned milks. Patients throw off the bed-clothes, and frequently change their position in bed to obtain a cool spot. If the antibody that was produced as the result of the first injection is all consumed before all the infecting organisms are destroyed, the infection may"light up" again, but by repeating the inoculations at short intervals, the antibody producing process will be continued until the infection is eliminated (643). And yet, when speaking of the intensity of the attack, I do not allude merely to the severity of the fever, but to the morbid process as a whole, for some pernicious attacks destroy an enormous quantity of red bloodcorpuscles, although the fever is not high. As a supplemental precaution, workers should be obliged to wash their arms and forearms with a ten per cent, solution of sodium sulphite before leaving While lowered hemaglobin is an indication for the removal of a worker from his special process, it is equally important to exclude all workers possessing a low reviews grade of anemia or any other symptom suggestive of a lowered power of resistance. It is a white, odorless powder, insoluble in water under ordinary conditions, but it is dissolved when heated with water under pressure, the solution thus produced gelatinizing on cooling.


The disposition to syphilitic infection appears to be greater in pregnant than in non-pregnant women. Autopsy revealed an exostosis that had developed from the basilar process of the occipital bone, and that had pressed deeply into the posteromedian portion of the medulla oblongata. Drugs serve a very useful and very necessary purpose, and tho there is at the present moment being conducted a campaign against drugs, it is directed entirely (and wisely) against those narcotics which bring burner harm without any commensurate good. Prepare according to the general formula (see Extracts, Fluid), but evaporating the remainder on a water bath. Sanderson's recent researches on infective feoondary iBflamoiation may be fruitful in the dissipation of some of the difficulties and obscorilies which involve the etiology and treatment of pyaemia. In the erect position the trunk is bent; the elbows are slightly separated from the body; the hands rest on the waist, and show tremors; the legs are slightly bent on the thighs; the movements are slow and occur together, the patient looking as though he were soldered together.

These conditions are no longer fulfilled when the muscle is paralyzed and the sense of hearing becomes more acute fractures, otitis, syphilitic lesions, tubercular caries of the petrous bone. Hysteria, therefore, occurs in women of all ranks and orders.

Many his tories reveal the fact that the onset of tuberculous symptoms was just subsequent to an attack of"grippe" or a"severe cold." Frequent and protracted"colds" are often forerunners of pulmonary tuberculosis: buy.

She had, though still very stout, become very decrepit and weak. It is a slightly brownish, volatile chloroforniic odor, insoluble in water; soluble in alcohol. Few subjects are more fertile in interest and instruction than that of variety in animal and vegetable forms; and few would tend more, if rightly apprehended, to throw light upon some of the great questions which perplex the morphologist and the physiologist. Herself in the Children's Hospital for peritonitis, probably of been delicate. In no case has the treatment been carried out long enough to speak of a cure. The imputation is equally false that all the members of a profession elsewhere recognized by governments as not only an honorable but an honored one, will have to be licensed like the liquor dealer to prevent them from carrying on the trade of"boot-legging" in the United States. Ounce, and mix with the reserved portion.

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