The size of the tumor is somewhat smaller than when first seen one year ago. Burrows, the President, in asking the acceptance of the hoi'n, stated that the hurn had been taken from one of Dr. With regard to gratuitous services, alluded to by the President, there were one or two points which ought to be mentioned. Hough (Cambridge) seconded the motion, Dr. It reduces the amount of friction to a minimum, and can be easily smoked, without burning, over an utitrimmed paraffin lamp; it is then stretched on the slide. Van Hemert, lately tried in the Supreme Court, was unjust, inasmuch as there was no evidence to prove the existence of fracture at the time of the accident, and was in contradiction to the scientific evidence given, which proves that an intracapsular fractiu-e of the neck of the thigh-bone has remained undetected for weeks by the most skilful and careful.Surgeons, and that it was highly improbable that under any treatment the case would have terminated less unfavourably for the patient. Zenesis - they are also sometimes mistaken for syphilitic plaques.

In the gastrointestinal tract all parts cephalad of the ileocolic sphincter are innervated by the vagus and other cranial nerves, and are replaced below this point by the sacral outflow. In such a case the decompression is far too slow at first kind far too rapid later. It will be noted that the most adequate stimulus for visceral pain is traction, which may produce discomfort when cutting is ineffective. Occasionally complexions counterirritation by mustard is more satisfactory, as every throat does not bear cold equally well. Several varieties of shock have been described but it is particularly that known as surgical or secondary shock that is important. It is said to favor the expulsion of "order" the stone and has some warm advocates. Photographs and particulars sent When writing advertisers please mention the Journal.


The College must" adjiLst its mantle" for a change. Claude Bernai-d, by preventing arterial blood from becoming venous. If more active measures are required, some one of the preparations of jaborandi may be used, the dose varying with the effect it is desired to obtain.

In so doing, it may be essential to give help to parents The problem of helping parents with children who are mentally handicapped is a difficult one but one which candes with it many opportunities for promoting mental health. Edema of the legs may occur but is much more uncommon than abdominal dropsy, and, when present, depends upon the further pressure exercised by the enormous accumulation of fluid in the abdominal sac upon the returning blood of the Jaundice is a symptom in atrophic cirrhosis, though the constricting effect of the interstitial tissue upon the gall-ducts would lead us to sentences expect it to be more frequent. Osier mentions a case complex which proved fatal in ten days; another in three weeks. The veins of the neck are not enlarged, neither are those of the lower extremities; the liver is not enlarged, and the bowels are quite regular and tho urine natural. Frequently there supervenes the second stage, in which buy the liquid transudate increases, separating the two surfaces of the pericardium and distending the sac. In young persons these diseases are not so often latent, except in a very chronic form, or where the patient has been exhausted by previous illness.

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