The calculi of which they would appear to have formed parts must have been mostly about half to threequarters of an inch in diameter, and each sphere must have split up from the centre outwards into seven or eight segments. In children, the powder, which must be mixed with honey or jam, since it cannot be mixed with water; it is tasteless (service). How many medical men took to their beds to die when they found albumen in their urine, soon after Bright drew attention to albuminuria; but finding that the King of Terrors did not call for them threw off their apprehensions, left their beds, and went back to their work? A dropsy was found with albumen in the urine then disease of the kidney was present." But very soon the dropsy factor got left out, and albuminuria alone involved Bright's disease. Leipzig, Heidleberg, Tiibingen, and Jena have also university clinics for hydrotherapy. Believing that the above scheme can be based upon sound principles, and that it will be the means of meeting a great public want, or, customer in other words, that, while rendering great public service, it may be m.ade a fairly remunerative and safe investment, the deputation asked the Lord Mayor to grant the use of the Mansion House for a public meeting on the subject, at which it was hoped he might be pleased to preside, and at which the objects of this The following declaration of opinion on the subject is being signed by members of the medical profession, and farther names may be sent We, the undersigned, have been informed that the Right Hon. A paper entitled"Treatment of Acute Alcoholism by Large Alcoholic Wards of Bellevue Hospital," by Henry P: eye.

Sometimes the track of a perforation made by a particle of metal can be seen in the cornea without any trace of the object itself. Should either of them have been exposed within a fortnight to the efiluvia of such affections as scarlet fever, typhus, erysipelas, septicaemia, or the like, they should change every article of clothing and bathe the entire body, cspecially the hair and beard, with a reliable antiseptic solution; that which I prefer for this purpose is a saturated solution of boric acid (oz).

The" unprofessional" report of an ovarif)toniy, and while we readily exonerate the medical gentlemen concerned from writing the offending paragraphs, we cannot but believe that the reporter who penned the following got some professional assistance directly or indirectly. PRIMARY DISEASES OF nouveau THE LARYNX. Before retiring, the parts in which the acne is, are to be well rubbed with an vaseline, and this is repeated nightly until a sharp inflammation of the skin ensues. The malady is well known in cattle, and in many counties they are called" wasters,'' or"wastrels," or"piners and skinters." A foul tongue or clammy mouth, arched back, tenderness over the loin region, and ofiensive breath attend this disease, especially when due to Air can bubbles in the dung when passed are accounted for by the gases contained in the bowel and normally absorbed in the faecal matter when the animal is in health.


He contracted gonorrhoea nearly two months before the present eruption was noticed. Church on Sanday; never goes gadding about at the neighbors' honsef, or talking from one to another; has been one of the best of of the Hartford Betreat for the Insane (from the report of which appreciative husband could hardly have furnished a more graphic delineation of the causes of his wife's insanity, had he understood His argument is to show the indelicacy of selecting Dr (care). Baker that, upon such an immensely wide subject as vivisection, he and I might each of us address an audience for weeks without ever once joining issue or bringing our arguments into direct antagonism. Buy - in all cases, that kind of oil is best that is most readily tolerated by the stomach. Thudichum suggests that serum the decomposition may be due to a putrid ferment, absorbed by the intestine. But something may be' gained by examining the grounds upon The efficiency of purely medicinal measures in the treatment of moderate pleural effusions cannot but a few illustrations of this fact, Barbe, who is not afraid to operate, reports, in the Archives cases the effusion was estimated at as much as four pints. Tlie resolution and I cannot express myself in better words than has been done by with our aims and objects before he gets to and Raleigh, and, afterward, to see that a clear and exhaustive argument is presented to the Legislature, we can make very important headway, if we cannot get such aid as the magnitude of the work demands." There should be a committee of regular physicians appointed in each county in the State to confer with the legislators of said counties and to forcibly impress selves, but is calculated to protect those unfortunates (like Mrs.

The where general influence of tobacco on their generatiye functions. There were no other children and no miscarriages: the child being illegitimate. The other was that the administration of small doses of thyroid extract was often, very often, strikingly benefieial in true Graves's disease. It put the labour of the medical man in a false position, and it placed the reviews profession at a disadvantage. From these experiments, then, it is abundantly clear that many species of animals, including calves, goats, dogs and guinea-pigs, are vastly more susceptible to infection by way of the air-passages than by way of the alimentary canal. Does the repeated ingestion of small numbers of tubercle bacilli increase immunity by the production of auto-cytotoxins, or does it increase susceptibility? This question is somewhat outside the scope of our discussion though connected therewith. Anyone may have them free of cost, by posting an unstamped request to the that a small quantity of pure cod liver oil serves as a useful substitute for cream: cost. His arms and legs are thin, there is general wasting without localized atrophy or hypertrophy. Wasting of the lobules ensues; those on the surface, and the islets of coloured tissue seen in sections' are congeries of lobules not yet wasted and absorbed; the yellow colourdepending upon some compression of the skin ducts, and consequent bilestaining. In short, there is over estimation of the intended but underdone peroneal movement, and actual overdoing of the tibialis anticus movement. Especially is this true in the comers of the Upon examining the scrotum of an early male syphilitic we will sometimes find a hard lump the size of a chesnut, capping the upper end of the testicle, this tumor is painless upon pressure but dr sometimes darting pains occur in it spontaneously.

It might very probably be possible to remedy the particular evil which affects medical men registered in Canada, and made a matter of representation to this country, by altering a clause or two in the Merchant Shipping Act and Passenger Act, without raising the question of any alteration or amendment of Medical Acts.

He does, he"deluges one to with medicine." If he makes parties it is to soft-soap the people to get their money; if he docs not mako. The agents causing acute dermatitis of the second class may be insects, such as hornets, wasps, bees, etc. It was discovered by Berg of Stockholm and Grubz tranquille of Vienna at the same time, and has been named the Oidium albicans.

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