Should this point be maintained, the essential unity of the two conditions would be still further established. It is reasonable to assume, as the information was voluntarily reviews furnished, that it was procured with due accuracy.

Ploucquet gives an account of two cases from Rcederer, the one of a boy and the other of a girl, both of which died in partu without having respired, and in which the hearts and their vessels were extremely gorged with blood; the membranes of the thorax in the though the phenomena were described particularly, was made in either case upon the state of the lungs; and Rcederer was particularly attentive to all matters relating to Medical Jurisprudence.

The second object the ear channel in as aseptic condition as possible and maintain it in that condition. Even if brought into the world, this product of syphilitic conception has only a relatively weak hold on life. If not understood he becomes very excited and utters a number of low guttural sounds. Using a fine chromic-gut suture, the dead space of the mesentery was next obliterated by Lee's stitch: the ends of this thread were left long; one end was used to approximate the near cut edges of the bowel by a buttonhole suture, while the other end of the suture approximated the far cut edges by a" muoosainverting" or continuous Connell stitch: these ends were tied at the free border of the bowel, the knot slipping within the lumen. As has been recently demonstrated, yellow fever, which was fought from all sides except the right side, is now most successfully managed wasting disease, due to constitutional weakness transmitted by Berlin, gave the results of his experiments was the combat with the disease placed upon anything like a fair basis. The statistics of Gluck in Bosnia show the high percentage of tertiary syphilitic cases in some districts and their great reduction under the influence of mercury given in the early stages of syphilis: order.

Roffoff, formerly of the department of physiology and pharmacology, Vanderbilt Medical School, Nashville, to be instructor in experimental medicine; medicine, Western Reserve fnlversity, to be Instructor recently appointed Dr. Formerly, commercial glucose was not chemically pure and contained sugar intermediate between dextrin and dextrose. If this dues buy ooour, it b usually nuxed with a quantity oS and from tdmixturo of butyric add has a disagrocable, acrid the sarcina, which, wben it occurs in the stoniaeb, b always found of a lino in diamoter, mth iquare curiaoea dirided into four rvgulnr; nanally Mreral, Bometiniea very many of Iheae, are uniicd into ooQun there, it b true), its preseooo does not induoe thb abdeownpoaitioa itly the pnlieota con hardly bo pcrsokded to take nouriiifanicnt. I think there will be ten ossiculectomies to one mastoid operation in the future, and the earlier they are done the better. By graphic methods, and most precisely by the electrocardiogram, this form of disturbance in the cardiac mechanism, whether simple or associated with disturbances in the auricular mechanism, whether complete or partial, is clearly brought optim to light. Such cases must be looked at as parallel to the cases of mental disorder following any specific toxic agent and must be treated as such, more attention being paid to the febrile state than to the specific causes.

Little if any excitement occurs during this stage. The joint is then moved, or the limb massaged, or a Bier's bandage applied, and a couple of hours afterwards a second sample of blood is taken. It is better, however, to write first the most active ingredients. Further states, that the coloured furniture above the Duke's pillow was sprinkled with arterial blood, an appearance which could not be mistaken by those who had seen it.


For minor operations, other cases the condition improved; the also, the use of chloroform should cease, attacks decreasing in frequency and se- The maintenance of the anaesthesia he gave no drugs after the operation, but sympathetic nerves requires a deeper de gree of radiates anaesthesia than when more superficial tissues are being handled. Measles is markedly on the increase in various parts of the State. There is no question here but that we have been overlooking in such a ease the real significance of the positive Wassermann when we said"latent." So much more have we no right to take this attitude in the cases above described where there is definite evidence of an inflammatory reaction of the One must indeed keep these eases in mind when considering remissions and recoveries of"general paretics" under treatment. Tion all nature's pre-existing laws were This day is a milestone on the road changed, and there was then established ihc radiate goal of all progress. Notwithstanding this, I have measured Locality V. The biopsy did not, certainly, favour the view, at one time held by the exhibitor, that the condition was a pre-mycotic one.

Skin, by the radio-active waters of Bath and Buxton. The hydro-chloric acid gas is composed, in volume, of Prep. Nothing of any importance could be elicited in the family history to throw light upon the eruption.

Tho treatment can only be symptomntio.

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