In the upper part of its medial course the musculospiral nerve lies posterior to the axillary artery; in the lower part of the axilla it leaves the neurovascular bundle and. Thr3e - the river water was iised now and then during the winter and most of the time. The wash-cloth is"here discarded and the hands rinsed. Here, again, a positive blood test put us on the right track and we were able to watch the rapid disappearance of the joint pains simultaneously with the healing of the wound as the patient received his first few Many of the following patients with tertiary lues did not come for treatment directly to the department of syphilis, but they first came with their complaint to other departments of the dispensary, where their condition had first been diagnosed, and were then transferred to the for mer department. Bie: The third largest American business establishment in Turkey is maintained by a New York concern exporting Horton: The United States is probably the best buyer of Turkey Rippetoe and Minor: Four samples of glycyrrhiza contained from Houseman, Percy A.: The constituents of licorice root and licorice Gouirand, Paul: jMethod for the determination of glycyrrhizin in licorice pastes and pastilles, with comments on recent contributions Ford, Charles M. Commenting on the Oriental attitude of mind of native officials, a cause of frequent inconvenience and delay, the explanation suggested was the centuries of Turkish domination which found and left Serbia mediaeval. It was found that approximately (J- grain) of mercuric chloride converted to albuminate in solution, a larger quantity than is required for therapeutic purposes.

On examining the gluteal region the author discovered a small protuberance of about the size of a nut, situated three centimetres from the anus, in max the intergluteal fold. Since coming to Chicago, one society has vied with another in the attempt to secure his honored name upon its roll of membership. Drained with tube armed with "bags" flap valve obtained from gas mask. Tlie cases in Austria proper The most interesting section of the report relative the first person attacked being a European who had arrived two days before from Abeokuta, a town fiftv miles to the north. By this method, the number of men attending the morning sick call was reduced immediately; prompt treatment and return to duty were No men were confined to their billets. Air is a serous membrane irritant and elimination of irritation is a basic principle bag in the prevention as well as the treatment of pleuritis. The Bacteriological, Chemical, and German University of order Prague.

The appendix was strictured and contained a few fecal concretions. To explain this we must recall the laws governing the action of the muscles going over several joints. In the later portion of the book he gives a number of case reports showing instances in which skin lesions, asthma, etc., have been cured by the administration of preparations of intestinal bacteria. The danger lies in nova the contact with these organisms, which are etiological factors in septicaemia. Whatever the cause the final condition is the formation of noxious substances, which are absorbed and produce a- condition which is broadly covered by the term"auto-intoxication." The power of the blood as a germicide is therefore lowered in proportion as it is poisoned from within. The laboratories, so that buy the exact mixture may result milk after it is delivered to the consumer. In this form it could be offered all the more freely for the purpose for which it is Hommell, P. In any case, the period of five years must be one of bona tide study, and during its course education in the following subjects must be pursued and (ii Physics, including the Elementary Mechanics of Solids ami i'hulls, and the rudiments of Heat, Light, and Electricity. They may be roughly divided into two classes: First, those that form in the acid urine; and second, those, that form in the alkaline urine. As can be seen by the tables, this combination was fairly good for patients with mild arterial tension: sleepers. The object in each case was to get the wounded man back to the evacuation, or mobile surgical hospital in condition for whatever operation was necessary, and, in order that he might arrive thereat in condition for operation, it was necessary, to minimize shock, to protect him as much as possible from cold, pain, and hemorrhage.

If he had said the"youth of parents per se is not responsible for the degenerate heredity of the offspring" he would have been on sound scientific ground.


When chloroform and ethyl chloride are used, much wider mesh"and fewer layers of gauze are essential, because they require considerably less of the anaesthetic and a larger proportion of admixed atmosphere (not oxygen alone). As we go down the scale the awful truth confronts us that the search is more for the feathers of the eagle than the antigenic properties of the blood. Helen's Hospital, an almshouse for the deserving poor of the city. Unclear how many pairs of eyes Type of Potential Vision Test: Rodenstock retinometer.

Not only does it give rise to cerebral lesions of long continuance, and favor the ulterior outbreak of mental troubles, but it dissimulates its evolution also imder very varied appearances, from acute delirium, febrile or non-febrile, to melancholic conditions more or less tinged with sleeping mental confusion.

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