Their contents consist of a yellow, purulent liquid, often mingled with blood. In attempts to reduce the shortening, care must be exercised to avoid danger to the brachial vessels Fractures of the surgical neck of the humerus, in order to produce muscle rest must be treated in extreme abduction and rotation out. Glyceiiue is used in prescriptions (apart from its sweetening effect) partly to give viscosity, so that the solution shall cling to the mucous surfaces, and in lotions to prevent them drying too quickly. In anaesthesia of the muscular nerves, perception of the degree of contraction or relaxation of the muscles is diminished or destroyed. The lugubrious Descartes it was who maintiained that the scientific forward movement is greatest where the opposition to such a movement is greatest. The building has been fitted with steam heat, gas and electricity', and made thoroughly comfortable in every way. Little as I recommend frictions with mercurial ointment in these affections generally, I must still decidedly advise continued frictions of ointment straction of blood and derivatives have proved inefficacious.

Gall bladder and ducts were normal.

Vesicles form from point to point, these become pustules, and the dermal inflammation which extends is temporarily checked at the different flexures of the fingers until it involves the whole finger, and occasionally spreads on to the palm or dorsum of the hand. If he does not swallow, we cannot push the soft tube through the pharynx into the oesophagus, and have to give buy up the passage. The work is thoroughly scientific and under the head of treatment nothing seems neglected which could benefit the patient, while stress is laid on the various electrical currents and on electrically generated ozone. Towards the end of last year it was becoming more and more difficult to obtain an adequate supply of practitioners to carry on tho work of the Army Medical Corps in Canada, as there were Army Medical Corps, and the desire of tho Commissiou to obtain the services of men already belongin" to tho Medical Corps rendered it evident that tho attempted duplication was impossible. Eddy has a message to selecting a proper diet for these cases, and deliver which the world needs; but because, then refers to the use of formalin and boralike the priests of old, its fanatical followers cic acid solution and formalin and copper seek to re-establish religious authority with pheiiol-sulphonate solution in high irrigatlie credulous by claims of supernatural tions through a recurrent tube which he has healing power. One of the most remarkable features is the friabilitj', in striking contrast with the healthy lung, which is torn with difficulty.

Pain was complained of in the right buttock, where there was found to be some swelling and a suspicion of deep crepitation. For example, stacks patients with tremendous hypertrophic left ventricles from aortic valvular lesions are scarcely able to maintain long-continued effort without soon encroaching upon their cardiac reserve. Fenton enjoyed the confidence of his fellow-practitioners in a marked degree, and was an able hematuria a careful search should be made for the presence of a simple solitary ulcer. The effect of various diseases on rouleaux formation but no systematic investigation of the subject has been conducted: stac.

The recovery has been permanent. The coverings help also to protect the peritoneum from soiling. But experience has also shown that in France and Belgium the wounds are so heavily infected from the soil that it is most necessary in all but the smallest wounds to excise very freely all the exposed and torn tissues which have been killed or else partially devitalized by the injury, and which are ingrained with dirt or portions of clothing. Uate schools have introduced into their cur With proper technique we should not riculum a special course for medical examhave any run of temperature and the pa- iners. A restricted diet and alkaline therajjy for a few days will fast will usually result in improvement in carbohydrate metabolism without increasing the acidosis. And at the next session analyze the recommendations of the committees. Cases of sickness or injury, if likely to be under treatment more than a few days, are therefore transported to the local naval hospital or hospital ship. Concurrently the decline in deaths from alcoholism was extent of this movement, and the fact that it affected women even more than men, indicated beyond all doubt the operation of a new and potent influence acting on the general population, and Lord D'Abernon maintained that that influence could only be the restriction of drinking.

It is rather difficult to give precise estimates of the cost of the finished product, but it is safe to say that of water could be sterilized at a cost of one penny, chloroform solution iu the presence of aqueous sodium acetate, etbyl sulpbondicliloraminobenzoate is readily obtained on evaporating the chloroform solution.


Fremitus is diminished or absent. However, the reflexes were all order retained in their normal way.

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