The periodical indexing of these pages is an easy job for an hour of weariness; and the whole time consumed is so crumbled up that it is never missed, and neither business nor amusement can complain Some people suppose they can make their notes of the day's work more fully and scientifically when it is over, and they quiet in their studies. Bepeated the Thuja, as before; in a month scarcely aunt of the young lady called upon me to inquire if I remembered the same time," She did not tell you of another difficulty she was labouring under." I replied I had merely prescribed for the warts.


Has been suffering from ulceration of the os uteri for the last three years, and deriving no benefit from a prolonged course of allopathic treatment, sent for me. While the glia tissue subserves the same function to the brain as connective tissue does to the body, it is an integral part of the tissue of the cerebral vesicles, and so must be purely epiblastic. They are then a freshman source of irritation and annoyance to the patient, perhaps also to the husband, to say nothing of their deleterious influence upon the operated region. The relation of the two poisons here looks like cue of similarity rather than identity. In the tumor tissue and at its border there are numerous polymorphonuclear eosinophiles. In dogs this space is so small that it is necessary to expose the cord in order to make an injection without traversing Subarachnoid Injection: Effect on the Circulation. Rice, usually begin to imi)rove, under wliat is called the"expectant treatment," about the seventh day; after which, recovery is often rapid.

A tablespoonful every quarter of an hour till midnight, after that every hour if there waa improvement.

2017 - the spleen and Iddney maybe avoided if the following rule be adhered to: Let a line be drawn close along the spinal column from the haunch bone to the last rib; from the ends of this line let two others of the same length forming an equilateral triangle; the lower apex of this triangle is the most suitable spot for the Though sometimes successful, this is a rude operation; as the stomach on the escape of the gas sinks, it too often happens that both fluid and solid matters are discharged through the incision into the cavity of the abdomen, so that although the animal is relieved for the time, it ultimately sickens and dies. He remembered one block of tenement houses particularly, in which there was little or no drainage, and the noxious exhalations were peculiarly abundant and offensive; and here there was scarcely a young child in the whole block that escaped the affection.

Three months ago he noticed something on the under surface of the tongue, that impeded its movement, especially preventing protrusion; it gradually increased, was not exceedingly painful but interfered with eating and talking; has had no hemorrhages, but complains of pain in his left ulcer involving the under surface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth as far forwards as the internal surface of the anterior portion of the lower jaw. Summer cholera has been for some years a rare disease, but all treated by my medical correspondents or myself have readily recovered. Cystic goiter is made up of decomposed colloid material or of altered blood from Fibrous goiter is caused by an overgrowth of fibrous tissue which, by compression, inhibits the secretorj activity of ihe Intrathoracic goiter is caused by downward extension of a goiterous nodule from one of the inferior horns of the gland. The bowels were still constipated. The horse had clean legs order and excellent feet.

I at once informed 2016 the mother that he must die unless we performed tracheotomy. After some discussion, on motion of Dr. It will be remembered that in our last number but one we published sewage of the institution. Sections of spleen showed marked congestion of the vessels of the pulp in which a few polymorphonuclear eosinophiles were seen. The tooth grows, and and seemingly filling it. These ecchymotic spots are more apt to occur in decrepit, marasmatic patients. The President read a communication from Mayor Lincoln, inviting the members of the Association to an excursion down the harbor of Boston to-morrow. Such accidents may occur in any kind of athletic sport involving the conditions named, but may be well illustrated by a case which came under our notice A young man twenty-five years old, very strong, but occupied at indoor work, joined in a game of base ball on a moderately warm day in May. A horse with too great" knee action" will not always be speedy; he will rarely be pleasant to than others: buy. These efforts have ended in tlic discovery that all forces are related and are convertible into each other; that light, heat, electricity, magnetism, (fcc, arc only different modes of motion. Oertel reviewed the mortality records of golden one of the best known hospitals in the diagnosis was partially correct, but other important lesions that had contributed to the diagnosed or not made at all.

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