Teeth, Hutchinson's, in late hereditary rise after crisis in pneumonia, Jan., Tertiary syphilis, pyloric sjTidrome in, Test, Alzheimer's, of cellular content of Lange's, of cerebrospinal fluid, Jan., Moritz's, in heart insufficiency, Sept., Nonne's, of globulin in cerebrospinal permanganate, of spinal fluid, Sept., Testicles, changes in, in late hereditary labor, indications for induction of, in Thoracentesis in pleurisy with effusion, Thorax, changes in, in rachitis, Alay, Thymus, changes in, in late hereditary corneal ulcer after injection in, Halstead's method of injection in, Harris' method of injection in, Jan., technic of alcohol injection in, Jan., Toes, clubbed, in Marie's osteo-arthro Tonic constriction ring in colon, March, Tonsil, diseased, as source of arthritic goiter and, relation between, May, role of, in metastatic infections, May, size of, in metastatic infection, May, Tonsillar crypts, expression and bacterio logic examination of contents.


Hunter, who relates, that of twenty persons who were bitten by the same dog, only one was seized with hydrophobia. Were there a chronic nephritis present we should expect at her age a high blood-pressure with numerous arterial changes, with a very much enlarged left ventricle of the heart and definite urinary findings in the way of casts, especially of the granular variety.

Lister freed man from the shackles of sepsis; Lincoln, a race from those of slavery. Neuralgia is, perhaps, the most common neurosis neuralgia depending upon painful spasmodic constriction of the urethra, and Gouley also alludes to this neuralgic condition. To the straight effects sinus belongs the inferior longitudinal. Child labor is a great predisposing cause. Institutions for incipient tuberculosis refuse admission.each year to as many applicants as they receive, if not more. PHRYG"IUS (LAPIS.) An earthy matter, found in Phiygia and reviews Cappadocia, and formerly powers of the blood are deteriorated. It contained gray areas which were seen under the microscope to be lymph nodes containing tubercle bacilli.

The entire absence of re-enforcements and supplies finally necessitated surrender. Upon curetting, the uterine cavity was found so irregular that a hysterotomy was decided upon. Charles Spencer Williamson, Cook County Hospital Gout. During life there were no rales heard The following case shows that blood may conduct the bronchial respiratory sound as well as serum: complaining of severe pain in the region of the last dorsal and first lumbar vertebrae. According to Sir Gtaorge Simpson, it is prepared in a very simple way from mare'.- milk, whioh is merely "buy" allowed to stand for some days in a leathern churn till it becomes -our.

Many persons get heartburn by drinking port; and in others, its astringency does good. Certain rather common bone abnormalities of horses may also belong in this class. Beyond the muscle band the two ducts lose their distinctness and continue as narrowed channels incompletely separated by folds of tissue.

Rubbed "fentraphen" on the gums, or chewed, Iris Versic'olor, Blue flag. As told in rhyme by Oliver Wendell Holmes, fun was poked at Laennec and his newfangled toy, the stethoscope. As may be inferred from the title, diseases are discussed in order of location from head to foot (a capite ad pedes). A notion prevailed in antiquity side that such a conversion was possible.

Thus five grains of calomel will purge, and twenty grains of jalap will purge separately; but by giving in one dose, five jalap, we do not produce a double evacuation, but the one modifies the other, and produces the effect intended with certainty and expedition. By laying aside both these methods, and by attentively observing nature itself, a greater progress has been made during the last century, than had been till that time The manner in which these observations have been communicated to the world, appears to have had no small share in the advantages which have been gained. All forms of dead matter seem to be capable of lighting up the fire of puerperal fever, whether from the dissecting room, the surgical ward, or private practice; and even the effluvia when inhaled would appear capable of the same power.

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