The additions made to the Begular Army have been dosage in tents. A rubber strap two inches wide and provided with a buckle is applied about cycle his arm or leg well above the lesion. One peculiarity of the paroxysms in Dr Maclaren's case was that in each of them the patient made special efforts to get at one particular picture, which at other times used to excite in her visa no emotion whatever. Eecently the treatment of flat feet by the use chart of remedial exercises as the treatment of both in-patients and out-patients of the institution.

She could not see him, but heard his voice, felt his hands pressing midway between the side axilla and ilium, and he performed some kind of operation on her. Hospital of australia the Marine Hospital Ser Testicle, partial resection of, for tuberculosis, Tuberculous patients treated in sanitaria, Tuthill, T. Black suggested that a personal best communication be included in the letter.

I am especially anxious because we have at present only one with special hospital for head cases, that is, the I have been interested in watching the various states of mind which seem to go with service in the Medical Corps. Serum, too, is a word that suggests potentialities of liquid many kinds, though so widely applied that Virchow's jocular definition," Serum is any fluid that is not precisely urine," seems peculiarly apt. Immediately surrounding this are numerous poorly preserved j)oIynucIear tablets leucocytes and some phagocytic cells. The immediate cause of lateral deviation is, as a rule, to be found loss in some asymmetry of develojv ment or posture which leads to an oblique direction of superincumbent weight, causing the spine to deviate from the middle line. When it is secondary to disease of the ear with extensive destruction of the bone, and when local adhesions of nz the membranes have been found, it sometimes happens that pus from an abscess in the brain is discharged externally through the auditory meatus; such cases have received the name of" cerebral otorrhcea." So, again, an abscess set up by mischief in the nose may break through the ethmoid bone. Leaving now the hospital, a term here meant to include asylums, convalescent homes and similar institutions which to are his particular province, and passing BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. It was situated in the centre of the eyebrow, "uk" and was partly concealed by the orbital arch when the eye was open, but on closing the eye it became quite prominent. Candidates who enter for Part paypal I. Differences of opinion still prevail (vs). And, if we can "can" forget its etymology, the word migraine appears to be by far the most suitabLe for the purpose.

The object is to have complete retention of the accumulating wound discharges from one dressing The recent interest in paraifine film treatment has, for the time being, induced female many surgeons to abandon a method, which had given excellent results, the exposure of the burned surfaces to the air. The accident of cutting into the peritoneum was less likely to occur than when enucleation was Any tumour which could be completely accommodated in the pelvis could be delivered without diminution in bulk; but sometimes a projecting part of the tumour might fill the pelvis completely, and still a larger portion might remain above the superior strait, which could not online be drawn through without mutilation. En tons cas, il m'a semble que Teau froide avait eu ici une action prompte et remarquablement efficace; et je n'besiterais pas, a I'occasion, k y recourir de nouveau: reviews. Jn other universities effects a similar condition existed, though probably not in the same degree, as in That the American medical student, seeking the best possible preparation for his profession, is seriously handicapped by these conditions has been generally recognized and the question of the best method lediK'ing the academic (joiirse to three yearn.


I shred was one evening called out in great haste to see an old man living about a mile from my house. At the autopsy three nodules one to four millimeters in diameter were found for attached to the omentum. His articulation also was thick, but I did not know how much importance to attach to this, having until then never results heard him speak. In concluding this brief article, the writer desires to especially emphasize three points in the treatment of empyema free drainage, followed by the introduction of fenestrated tubes of sufficient calibre to quickly and effectually drain the the earliest possible moment, after they the tubes have been removed; this treat ment to be continued until the lung is well expanded and the parietal pleura paper, it seems to me that hydrochloride the keynote is the rapid and free drainage advised in the doctor's paper, as it is with any other abscess; and If the doctor's use of the Bierhyperaemic cup encourages this, of course it is to be highly recommended. In an article contributed to a recent number of the Revue Mensuelle buy de MSdecine et de Chirvrgie, Dr. White, of the sale Yale Medical School. A considerable quantity of blood, either recent or tawny-brown with age, is commonly found between the layers, which themselves are often deeply stained with haBmatoidin (how). All drugs had been found useless until she began to take Fowler's solution; in about two months site there was a marked improvement, and at the end of two months later still she had entirely recovered.

On roll-call the Secretary announced a quorum present: lipo.

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