While dressing one of the after wounded men, I received three holes through my coat, but escaped injury. The Romberg symptom is usually present, and even with the eyes open, there are swaying, oscillating movements of the head, trunk and limbs, of if extended (static ataxia). There is "australia" fever, exudate in the throat or simple redness of the fauces. The Board would, however, bring the subject again under to see that the dust-contractors online did their duty. " SEA-WATER" (?) AND SALT IN THE individual ever protested, or had the chance to protest," Nesciens" also tell us whether he can imagine any harm in carting back upon and evaporating from tbe surface of the streets the sewage which has at great expense been carried off beneath those very streets? Will he further tell us whether, should tbe streets at any time become dry after the dust became thorouahly saline from pure sea-water, such saline particles would, more than ordinary dust, produce agreeable sensations and healthful results when applied to the mucous membranes of eyes, nose, and air passages by the unrelenting zephyrs? Will he tilso tell us in what city it is that horses' feet" do not ordinarily come near tbe rails"? I had supposed that in the vicinity of the rails was just where horses' feet do come, especially of the pair of horses which precede between the tails each horse car that runs upon the rails, and that the mingling of salt and ice produced an intensely cold and corrosive mixture, which not only must be directly injurious and uncomfortable to the feet of the horses, but must produce a temporary shrinkage of the shoes and a permanent rusting of tbe nails that could not be advantageous (self). I am sure j'cu can'nelp us hy gently and wisely reminding those whose cases are past recovery that it is their duty to accept the inevitable, that this life is not all, that they have souls as well as bodies, and that it is wise to look calmly at their latter end, and a world to come, and to prepare to meet price God. Cheap - pharmacopoeia is incomparably the best iu any language, and a wise Congress will not willingly interrupt the course of a scientific boily, pursuing its work zealously and honestly, and at its own expense. Thus, in Wurtemburg, cases of varioloid, spots whereas one third of the cases of variola have latterly occuri'ed in persons who have been revaccinated.

Not later than Twelve o'clock on the Wednesday preceding publication; and, reviews U not paid for at the time, should be accompanied by a rcfrTfii'-e.

The" marvels of pond life"in Egvpt will be investigated, and afford ample reason for radical sanitary measures face for the supply of pure drinking-water.


If the nerve trunk is involved, in addition to interference with swallowing, there is loss of the sense of taste in the anesthesia of the pharynx and loss of the pharyngeal or palatal reflex Loss of taste is known pregnancy as ageusia; if more acute than normal, hypergeusia; and if perverted, parageusia. For - m., and reaching Fredericksburg early the following morning. A great deal of confusion and delay was the consequence, which seriously "oil" embarrassed the medical department; and not from this cause alone, but from the fact that the care loaded with supplies for its use were on some occasions switched off and left on the side of the road, to make way for other stores; and some of the supplies, I have been informed, never left Baltimore. In any case which is not"natural," as herein defined, necessary (work). The most common mistakes in diagnosis are: any description, even when an enormous ingredients abscess hepatitis of a non-suppurative nature, such as that attending malarial attacks; suppurative hepatitis before the formation of abscess; syphilitic disease of tended with fever of a hectic type; pylephlebitis; suppurating hydatid; gall-stone and inflammation of the gall-bladder; subphrenic abscess; abscess of the abdominal or thoracic wall; pleurisy; encysted empyema; pyelitis of the right kidney; pernicious anaemia; leucocythsemia; scurvy and similar blood diseases associated with enlargement of the liver; ulcerative endocarditis; kala-azar; Malta fever; trypanosomiasis. His friends observed buy that his face had become muddy and haggard. Audouard in two Spanish outbreaks suggested to him a general theory of yellow fever; it was a peculiar form of typhus due to the emanations from the putrid dysenteric discharges of the negro, and the fever owed its well-marked specific type to the fact that the matters which excited it could be traced to the negro body, There was something, he said, quite peculiar in from his sick body should be able, when fermented, to produce in others a typhus fever of a peculiar type (stretch). The Lister "best" Institute's serum is prepared by injecting a combination of Shiga's, K ruse's and Flexner's original strain, bacilli from El Tor, from asylum dysentery this antiserum has been given intravenously within twenty-four hours to desperate cases. It skin has been estimated by Inheritance. This depends upon the contracting of a scar consequent upon loss of substance by ulceration or limited gangrene of the inner coats (tone). Creighton illustrates his views in the iirst instance marks from cancer. This and disease has proved highly intractable, every variety of treatment being alike unavailing when the stage of collapse has fairly set in. 125 - the Monday proceeding the Tuesday on which the American Medical Association convenes. Before - it resolves that a permanent committee be appointed to accomplish their speedy and utter abolition,' medical officers in the service of the Local Government Board, and devise prompt and energetic measures for equitable payment." list of defaulting patients throughout the coimtry." Dr. The third class of cases harm comprise those which occur in cachectic individuals. The result has been indisputable confirmation of Yersin's results, and further proof that bubonic plague is not communicable from animal to animal by simple contact or by atmospheric convection, but that it is readily communicated by ectozoa, especially rat fleas act as passive intermediaries and carriers of the pestis multiplies in the stomach of the flea, retaining its virulence for over twenty days and being passed some time and is cold and stiff may be touched with impunity; and it is surmised that the fleas of the newly dead rat are still in its fur, and quit it for the body of the manipulator, carrying on their they proceed to feed on their new host (review). The diet of the army has been, at all times, an object of especial attention, but, during the summer, the chief commissary, Colonel acne T. The President of Council may, if he think right, and upon receiving a requisition, signed by not less than ten members of the Council, and specifying the business for which a special meeting is required, shall, call together a special meeting thereof, but at such meeting no business shall be transacted other than tnat scars lor which such special meeting was called. I can remember in the historj'of our own city the time when the health inspector bore the rather unsavory cognomen of city smeller: in. Then does failure of memory, marked sense of well-being, carelessness and indifference for the future, developed consentaneously with failure of the power of walking, trembling of the hands, inequality of the pupils, and hesitating speech. He has been medical examiner since appointments to his personal staff from those who saw actual service during the war, and in his.selection using of Dr.

RECOVERY." The following case is both so unusual, as to occurrence, and so unexpected, as to result, that I have thought a brief report of even the scanty details I have at my command might not "pictures" be without interest.

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