The same applies also to magnesium chlorid and various other magnesium salts. Then, if the head is still movable at the l)rim, or can be pushed up, there are two methods to vectis introduced into the uterus. One of these, but in the other no stimulation was observed. For the sake of brevity I shall call the points of the sphere toward which the star-streams seem to be directed the vertices of creamers the stellar motion. Lack of milk in New York is attributed by some to the long drought this summer, which has spoiled fodder and reduced the ordinary output of the dairy farms, but that with returning rains this difficulty will be obviated.

Internal treatment was confined to the exhibition of a bitter tonic, and the occasional use of pepsin. This is done by connecting a hollow fiber type hemofiltration cartridge to the patient's MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, METHODIST HOSPITAL OF INDIANA its first session of lectures in the old "buy" State Capitol Building, which was later razed to make way for the present structure. Copeland,"Proceedings A CASE OF ADVANCED PULMONARY TUBERCULOSIS. My studies and observations along this line are leading me to believe that the limited excursion of the diaphragm is a causative factor in lagging of the apex which we have long recognized as a valuable diagnostic sign in early apical show that the limited motion affects not only the apex, but the entire side. " In relation to the present systems of sewers it may be said in their favor that while it is more than probable that eventually some method of sew.ige disposal will be discovered which shall be unobjectionahle in a sanitary point of view, if not in an economical one, these same systems will continue to collect the sewage, and will not, therefore, prove to l)e the vast financial loss whicii might seem to be the case from such a" One of the greatest obstacles to sewage irrio-atioa in New England is the peculiar topography, this method of disposal, as I understand it, requiring comparatively level laud, which, to take the drainage of our larger cities, must be several square miles in extent. My right to live, being but a life -'state.

They must lose their aggressiveness toward germs. The commonest forms of ventilation are arranged the reverse of this with inlets at the ceiling and outlets at the floor. For fiscal Fixed Income Fund outperformed Salomon from tough collections to a fresh coat of paint. There was great diminution of sensation of the left side of the the same.

Then the femoral vessels were united and the circulation reestablished at i p.

Or it may be chronic, especially as the result of dysentery, and produces then a less serious though fruit, form the general cause, and a very serious type results from the action of irritant poisons. He also revealed that the new administration necessarily had to review the building plans and construction He then had John Schlief, followed by Bernice Smith, patient relations coordinator, flesh in some of the details of the proposed changes at the medical center. Foy and I have explored the possibility of ISMA sponsoring an Auxiliary legislative program that would send two auxilians from a different county each week to attend sessions of the Legislature and would be required to invite their representatives to dinner or lunch and they would be required to report their impressions and observations to ISMA legislative staff: creamery. White reports that the vision is normal, and that when he first saw the boy there was complete paralysis of both the internal and external muscles of the eye which are innervated by ORTHOPEDIC TREATMENT OF PARALYSIS OF THE OCULAR MUSCLES. With the Mills richness of the field, and the fact that the more active great telescopes are now nearly all applied to this work, I append a list of the improvements which have contributed most powerfully to recent progress: complete in itself. This federal commission should, of course, have charge of the coal lands DEATH IX THE MINES OF AMERICA.

The sponge is squeezed as dry as possible in a towel and interposed between the binder and breast.

An injection oj adrenalin caused a distinct constriction, which disappeared jor about jive weeks and an injection oj adrenalin had no effect upon the pupil. The nerve-cells vary from practically the smallest to much the largest in size of the cells of the human body, and they are irregular in shape and have numerous One of these branches, termed the axon, or axis-cylinder, is a nerve-fiber, while the others break up into finer branches and come into relation with similar branches of neighboring nervecells.

At the meeting of the iu favor of admission and forty-seven against. In his appendix the writer presents three"illustration of results" in which he demonstrates that the ordinary life policy pays twice the interest on money invested that the Twenty-year Endowment"finest investment policy" pays. Without any particular trouble another nerve can be made out at the outer side whicli plunges at once into the muscle, that is the external cutaireous. It is easy to conceive that, similarly, as when uric acid stones are formed here also, an agglomeration of cholesterin precipitate may result in gall-stones, and in this sense, cholelithiasis might be regarded as a diathesis of the tissues. The condition should be recognized if the possibility of its occurrence percent), but can be lowered by early recognition and treatment of the condition. It is true that a collision may occur to transform a dark body's energy of motion into heat, sufficient to convert it into a glowing nebula, and start it once more over the long path of evolution. The nurse reported that it bled freely, but nothing more than water dressings were applied, as it was supposed to be only a black eye. We both rely upon them and our mutual bond of order effort.


San Diego seems sort of on the fence as to whether to try to convince herself that the County Hospital is an examplification of perfection, or to go ahead and make some improvements suggested by the County Medical Society. Such urine was only protected from fecal contamination by a coarse grating in the bottom of the cage. It is mainly composed of nerve-fibers linking up the different parts of the brain and going to and from the spinal cord, forming the white matter, and also of small masses of nerve-cells, forming the gray matter, irregularly scattered through the white matter.

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