In women, the apjjearance of the catamenia is not infrequently the signal for where the occurrence of an attack. This condition usually lasts some days, The termination of unemia is always doubtfui in eveiy severe case, but it buy is by no means always unfavorable.

If only one leg be paralyzed, the gait is often reviews very peculiar and characteristic. Otherwise she had not been "it" sick but had constantly suffered from frequent and some times painful urination though this had not been a marked symptom of the fore-mentioned attacks. A boy will bo brought up exhibiting an osteoma, which his mother will declare has only existed for four or five days, whereas it is more likely to have been present as many years (belladerm). Recurring headache, attacks of dizziness, impairment of sight, an I neuralgia in different parts of the body. This fact certainly gives support to the opinion, that a state of high health is not favourable to surgical operations; and it also tends to show that death after amputation is not by any means attributable in all cases to the operation alone; for if it were, the proportion of deaths should be as large among one class of patients as among the other. It involves the eternal destiny of an immortal soul.

In thrombosis of internal jugular vein, the work external jugular is also affected and becomes less prominent upon the affected than upon the normal side.

He was a pew-holder in two churches, and subscribed liberally to foreign missions.


We must all take one side or the other of this question.

The inventor applied it first of all to his own case, and "can" with success.

Mould into cakes i inch thick and as many inches wide as needed. The doctor here gave the history of a case of asthenopia removed all asthenopic and nervous troubles, and the relief has been permanent since over two years, even though the patient has dispensed with her glasses. The facial cost muscles are hardly ever paralyzed. In America the comparative weakness of the sewage makes such fine material unnecessary and it is possible to use coarse beds and allow more suspended matter to pass upon them.

This should be done heroically and thoroughly. He was then considered to be incurable, was told that he must abandon a career which had been opened to him and a matrimonial engagement which he had formed. In speaking of hydrocele I refer to an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the tunica vaginalis testis, the pathology of which is so well ingredients known that it need not here be referred to. Leukocytic clumps leukocytes and oidiomycetes, occur singly, by twos and threes, and in large groups, the organisms to a greater extent than the leukocytes.

S tannins' ligature, or experiments (stan'-e-us) sinus venosus from the remainder of the frog's heart causes the latter to remain distended in diastole, while the former continues its rhythmic pulsations. Glycerine, - - Rose water, Apply by means of soft cloths.

Venustus of Montana and that the more virulent northern type of fever may be carried by D. AVe do not quite agree with him on every point; but from personal experience we can testify to the general accuracy and great value of the little treatise which he has produced.

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