In even the ordinary habits of cleanliness which characterize those from the more western portions of Europe; wearing whole suits of leather, it may be for mouths in succession, the clothing becomes in an especial manner easily contaminated, and, when so, impossible to purify. He is now recognized as a sick man, an irresponsible party, a ward of the State, and is an object of the drug tenderest solicitude.

The most usual species of haemorrhage is by a kind of exudation or exhalation from the extremities of the capillary vessels of the mucous membrane, in the same manner as from the uterine vessels at the catamenial periods. Affecting the larynx and trachea. Yellow crystalline principle and germicide; used internally in diphtheria, tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.; externally, in almond oil, in side diphtheria; dose, gr. The two individuals are to remain in vascular continuity, for as much as a year's time, each circulating the other's blood mingled with his own (ingredients). This is an a'dvantage not possessed by any other THE SPECIAL DISPENSARY AS arthrosamines A FACTOR IN THE COMBAT OF TUBERCULOSIS AS A DISEASE OF The value of special dispensaries for tuberculous patients in the solution of the tuberculosis problem in large cities has not as yet been fully enough appreciated in this country.

In six minutes, with the current of fourteen cells, all strictures were overcome.

Reviews - the site of the canal is occupied by a mass of hard cicatricial tissue, which, I believe, will effectually close the canal, and prevent any re-descent of the hernia.

Th'e author discussed at length tlie prophylaxis of the neuroses in children, and then passed on to joint the consideration of adult life.


By Surgical Diseases of Women and Clinical Gynaecology in the similar works is that each illustration shows the direction of the various turns of the bandage with arrow-heads, and each turn is properly numbered; this renders the book a self-instructor by the reader of it, who has but to put the various bandages about the limbs of an office companion a few times: when the"trick" of its application dogs upon a patient has been learned. The best way to induce labor is to puncture the bag of waters and to put a colpeurynter in the uterus, resting on the placenta and pressing this formula against the cervix, and then to put traction on the tube. H follicle, composition involution of hy'pertrophy of, hypertrichosis. The Weekly Medical Review, Pocket Reference Book This list is intended to supply the wants of the practitioner at for giving space to the weekly call list, obstetric calls, memoranda, doses, doses of medicine for children, prediction of date of confinement, artificial respiration, care of galvanic batteries, clinical examination of urine, chemical examination of urine, diagnostic See new advertisement of Hastings Truss Co. The electric current would indeed appear to be one of the very best antidotes to shock, and for a long time it has been known and used as a hopeless cases, and has attracted the attention of all the surgeons who have seen the cases. Give the person a full dose of buy opium, and introduce the catheter when he is asleep. But, as these wounds are sometimes made by needles, or the points of hooks, it is not so easy to apply the cautery to their bottoms. He formally denied that up to his time any real case of dislocation of the carpus on the forearm had been published, except such as ensued from relaxation of the ligaments. Defervescence is usually critical; occasionally, however, it is prolonged and may take place by lysis. The discourse abounded hi interesting facts and statistics.

Acclimation, therefore, is only to those who have passed a preceding epidemic period, without having left the country, and who must have been more or less impregnated with As tbe germ of yellow fever is, of necessity, transported from locality to locality chiefly by vessels, either engaged in commerce or war, it becomes, to the sanitarian, a question of the first importance to determine whether the fever can develop spontaneously upon the ship. In one city there may be topographical or social conditions which modify the degree of morbid susceptibility in the different classes of the popu latioii.

This muscle carries the arm backward, depressing it, and making it turn on its axis; it also draws backward and downward the prominence of the shoulder. He naturalists to divide mankind into a number of races The following estimates have been made of the proportions of a man of medium size (Schadow): From external to internal malleolus, front. Bitter effects principle is called FeuUiin.

Hypodeaia, hip-od'es-is (hypo, deo, to bind). Order - maguire's idea had been to flood the pulmonary circulation of phthisical patients with an antiseptic A negress aged twenty-six years, with fever and a fcEtid and bloody vaginal discharge, was delivered of a dead and macerated foetus of about six months, and given a bichloride douche. Is prejudiced against railroads, plus Dr.

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