Put one heel in the arm-pit, against the head of the reviews bone. Ouaiacum has been used with some degree of success, but its best results are obtained in chronic conditions of gout, and the same may be said of potassium iodid.

Furthermore, it is an important updating reference source for the medical students who are members of the Medical Society. Votes of thanks to the retiring Vice-President, Dr. Sometimes contrary to preconceived ideas Government helped them, giving an example to those who are really more wealthy than the Government.

It is sometimes poured out utterance scantily, at other times, very freely. The patient rested well during the day and night following, being entirely free from pain, and enjoying a night's calm repose, to which, for years, he had been a stranger. I fully believe that in many instances such matters will be often found to yield, whether they present themselves as albuminous deposits in glands, furuncular disease of cellular tissue, or incrustations on the skin, as in some of the squamous and tubercular cutaneous diseases. The causes of the disease, he says, are thus reduced to Finding that all the theories of scurvy hitherto advanced were imperfect, Dr. Barker's, where the silk passed between the artipular surfaces of the patella and' Read in the Surgical Section of the Royal Academy of Medicine a the femoral condyles, and remained constantly as a foreign In two previous cases I employed the method of drilling the fragments obliquely through the two-thirds of their depth on either side of the median line, and then obtaining approximation by means of two silk sutures. She has withia her only the elements of a woman (utt).

Prior to his death in completing the arrangements for taking the census next year. Remedies which lessen sensation are the ones, then, which may mitigate the disorder at least. On the other hand, any movement which in any way alters the hydraulic conditions of a given area may really become a local cause predisposing to Marshy vegetation, composed of canes, rushes, water lilies, cresses, and Conferral, is very favourable to the life of the larvse, and is, therefore, also favourable to and a concomitant of malaria. He then divided the tendo Achillis and made the same trial, but again failed. The Red Cross Commissioner had previously reported home that there were available in Capetown some forty nurses engpged in civil work in South Africa; and we understand that the ago to employ them as needed. While it may occur under thirty, it most commonly appears after forty.

The formation of a school of tropical diseases was first suggested at the annual dinner of the Royal warmly taken up by the members of the leading shipping and commercial houses in Liverpool, and in a short time an influential Committee was formed, under the chairmanship financial support accorded to the School has been liberal frorn quickly followed by a number of subscriptions and dona-' securing a staft' of teachers who command the confidence of the medical profession and the public, and it was a happy coincidence that Major Ross was free to undertake the duties of lecturer at that particular time. The sub-arachnoid spaces contained an unusual amount of serous fluid; spinal cord, natural firmness and structure. The pain is deep-seated, boring, tearing or cutting in character.

According to Delarive and Berzelius, ozone is an allotropic modification of oxygen, occasioned either by electricity or by the believes that the therapeutic action of the oil is dependent essentially on its being a fatty matter, perhaps more easily assimilated to the economy than any other kind of fat. Banks (Liverpool): The Committee appointed by the Local Government Board for Ireland to hold a public inquiry and report to them as to measures which in their opinion should be adopted with the view of improving the health of the city, held a preliminary Statement by Sir Charles Cameron. Buy - nttlicted are so connnon to all ages, that I do little more than nanje them, adding a few general remarks. For spasmodic croup, fever: Belladonna, if tlio throat is order sore; Ipecac., if the brcatliing is asthinutic. It is hardly necessary to add, that whatever lotion is used extemalty must be carefully washed off" with warm milk and water before the child is allowed to After the breasts have once filled with milk, and it disappears, a return may be promoted by the internal use of Calcarea carbonica, followed with Pulsatilla, or Phytolacca, while the patient is required to drink chocolate, or table beers. It is to be noted that In male sexual decreased penile outflow or both.


One chorda tendinea was ruptured. In addition to this movement of the right hand, I observed a similar one of the right leg, which was altogether synchronous with that of the upper extremity.

Not less invention of the ligature, operated for aneurism by tying the artery above and below, opening the tumour, evacuating its contents, and introducing such substances as would promote suppuration.

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