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He rejects, consequently, the theories which make of chorea either a specific infectious disease or a neurosis of cerebro-spinal evolution. Depletion order by means of purges is, in the first class, as much indicated as the application of leeches or bleeding, but in the second class quite as strongly contraindicated. Cambridge, Loughary, John W., Friesen, Deloss and Flurst, Robert: Magoon, Thomas: Innovations in counseling. The same was accepted, and he was immediately and unanimously elected an Honorary Member: work. Hence the universal association of catarrhal conditions of uk the intestine with cardiac and pulmonary disease, hepatic disease, portal obstruction, etc. Disuse is the wrong word, for I believe that no surgeon who ever fully understood its principle ever abandoned it. The operation consisted, essentially, in breaking up the lipomatous adhesions w'ith the finger and removing the projecting lipomata with the scissors. Trowbridge, as thus will be observed, was a descendant from two of Buft'alo's oldest and best known families.

As a result of defective food conversion and assimilation the tissues of these patients are imperfectly nourished, and the materials for really repairing the result of disease or accident are faulty." While agreeing with Dr. Plummer, of Buffalo, showing among others some of the cases of foreign bodies in the esophagus and trachea Being essentially a surgery the book does not go into any of the special departments such as gynecology, nose, throat, eye and ear diseases. Patients not infrequently complain that their food goes down too slowly, and they therefore readily form the habit of washing it down buy with copious draughts of water, tea, or coffee. It has not as yet been determined to what elements the noxious effects should Some people have decided antipathies to fish of all varieties, and none can be eaten by them without unpleasant symptoms being manifested; others are injuriously affected only by certain species.

It could be pushed into the left kidney region soothe without difficulty, but resumed its original position when pressure was removed. Perhaps the lad's opinion of Archbishop Temple, at Rugby, may be itaken as the ordinary schoolboy's general notion about this application of discipline, when it does There is a marked tendency in most of the elementary schools to freshen the work, take it away from the old routine methods and make it a real process of drawing out the latent capacities of the child and encouraging it to think, to feel its own way, and to learn for itself.

It seems to have value as a screening device whereby some students decide no further counseling is needed and others decide they need further help.

Bright and Addison, Graves and Stokes, Forbes and Marshall Hall, Latham and Bennett were profoundly affected by the new movement. Soothers - in diagnosis it is of no moment. Fortunately, the prognosis in these cases is favorable so far as murs are likely to persist in a large percentage of cases that develop them during the fever. In the examination of pieces of meat and cheese the surface should be sterilized with a broad heated knife or soother other piece of iron.

Philadelphia, Saunders, Atherosclerotic Vascular Disease: a Hahnemann symposium. " Truth is mighty and will prevail," goes the sajang; and so it will, no doubt, but not unless it be fought for. He recently completed, with his wife as his assistant, his five thousandth operation for cataract. In Canada, many of our best naturalists have been physicians, and collections in this city testify to the industry of Holmes and McCullough. The" divine spark" must not be allowed to smother in its own carbon, become choked in its own soot, extinguished in its own refuse; and to overlook these matters implies time A NOTE ON TWO NEW CREOSOTE COMPOUNDS: In these days of new remedies of ephemeral usefulness and evanescent reputation, it is refreshing to take up for brief consideration a drug with an established record of more than half a century. For those students who are highly motivated and who have special interests, this situation is ideal. The process of decomposition will extend from the original centre, gases entering into the interstitial does and sub-pleural tissues to a greater or lesser degree. Preliminary studies suggest it may be bacteriocidal in contrast to other agents which are primarily bacteriostatic. The abdomen was native greatly distended. Delayed disinhibition on awaking results in postdormital sleep paralysis. Inoculations of sarcoma and keloid were Bambeke' reported that Firket had made successful inoculations with fragments of human sarcoma into five rats, all of which died at the expiration of five weeks as a result of the development of tumors. This is, no doubt, due to the frequency of ear diseases in such altitudes and to the intermarriages, which are so common among the inhabitants of mountainous districts.

The patient convalesced nicely reviews and was very much more comfortable afterward, but ligation of the artery did Indications for Abdominal Caesarean Section in D. ANEMIA IN TUBERCULOUS JOINT DISEASES TREATED WITH BOXE MARROW AND BULLOCK'S BLOOD. Be increased by more frequent administration, so that the child more advantageous to administer the smaller doses at shorter intervals than to give larger doses at longer intervals. Whatever the cause, feces accumulate "remedies" and cause atony and dilatation of the rectum.

Many writers mention the enlarged left supraclavicular gland as ingredients occurring with thoracic or abdominal malignant disease.

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