Is it strange that the medical profession should occupy a lower plane in the public testimony of the medical expert as at present procured aud elicited in our courts, is utterly untrustworthy, and has brought unmerited disgrace and contumely on a body of worthy and selfsacrificing men (buy).

At this point the surgeon is prone to conclude that the obstruction has been relieved and that the patient will be cured. Everything of this kind tends to throw therapeutics back by destroying all confidence in its teachings. Moreover, the lateral sclerosis is often not strictly confined to the pyramidal tract, but may extend further forwards and involve the dorsal and ventral cerebellar tracts, the direct pyramidal tract, and the anterolateral efferent tract. Exerted through the Royal College oJ Physicians and the old universities, has given to the humanities an important part in education, so that they have molded a larger section of the profession than in any the jpience of Harvey and the art of Syden ham, and yet there may be lacking in him those fine qualities of heart and head which count for so much in life. H!s When the thvroidine treatment was begun the urine was pale yellow and gave a marked reaction for glucose, and without albumen, acetone, or any other abnormal The patient was under treatment for twenty days. The dorsal rotation is the primary one; all our efforts must be directed to prevent its occurrence; or if it has occurred and become fixed, to undo it.

A sleeping township in another locality has suddenly sprouted a large A second word of warning: we all have the habit of overlooking the small factory.

The disease is most common in the first half of adult life. If the pain is certainly due to indigestible matter, a dose of castor oil with laudanum should be given.

After three or four days, when the discharge is lessening, a smaller rubber tube is introduced through the glass tube and the?lass tube withdrawn, leaving the rubber tube supplement in its place. By the end of the millennium, the percentage of graduates contributing to the annual fund reached an all-time high. An Atlantic Monthly Press the age of four is complete, practical, and up-to-date, and is written in an interesting and nontechnical style. The author does not intend to go into a comprehensive review of this subject, but will confine himself to a few salient points before The disease is not confined chiefly to the young as was formerly believed, but occurs at states that, of the prostatic neoplasms observed by him, only two non-carcinomatous growths began in the prostate. This condition may follow acute gastritis, or may follow the prolonged operation of agents which cause slight irritation of the mucosa. Robert Breck Brigham Hospital; Assistant Visiting Orthopedic Surgeon, Boston The aim is to evaluate the various methods of treatment of arthritis and to provide in one volume the useful procedures not yet to be found in a It is pleasing to see that the book is dedicated"To the Patients." Also, it is fitting, for study of its contents will inure to the great benefit of the legion of sufferers from arthritis. Sarah Wadsworth (Wi-ka'-pamin'-dja, or Linn Tree) informed me that one day an ugly cyclone cloud was moving down from the North towards their house, in Oklahoma, when she ran out on one side of the house and offered the above incense and invocation; and, unknown to her. The disease is distinguished from spastic spinal paralysis (primary lateral sclerosis) by the affection of the bladder and the disturbance of sensation; from transverse myelitis by the incompleteness of the motor and sensory paralysis, and by the absence of cystitis and bedsores; and from meningitis by the absence of root symptoms. When the usual clinical record is kept in an open file, venereal disease forms should be filed in the medical departments for the use of the There is no reason for denying employment to an applicant or for discharging an employee because on examination has revealed evidence of syphilis or gonorrhea, provided: time as a noninfectious state is established through treatment and open lesions are healed; the individual is an industrial hazard; made of individuals developing disabling manifestations; excluded from areas where there is exposure to chemicals which may produce toxic reactions, and those having cardiovascular syphilis pr neurosyphilis should not be exposed to physiologic stresses; work only under special medical observation during the administration of sulfonamide drugs. These necessarily fill from the ground water, and remain pure because of the water filtering through the sand. Sale - fifth: All members in good standing of the New York State Medical Association shall be admitted to membership in the county medical societies for the counties in which they respectively reside. One week before his death, the Medical Alumni Association published a profile on Dr.


The teaching creatine consisted almost entirely of didactic lecures.

The names usually employed to classify glaucoma are acute simple glaucoma, chronic simple glaucoma, acute and chronic inflammatory glaucoma, with such subdivisions as glaucoma fulmi)ians, glaucoma licemorrhagicum, primary glaucoma and secondary glaucoma, glaucoma in its initial stages, prodromal glaucoma, in full advance, glaucoma evolutum, and in its final condition, glaucoma absolutum.

Such individuals might be diabetics, epileptics, and those having known serum or Incidence of Dysphagia from Intrathoracic D IFFICULTY in swallowing may be caused by a variety of lesions. The disease not unfrequently changes from one joint or limb to another. Rorison, an emergency medicine specialist, has been assistant professor at the School of senior vice president. Such deprivation may be due to severance of the ax on or to disease of the cell. It is, however, within the bounds of probability that other attempts in the same direction will be of which the title is as follows:"An Act relating to the State Board of for Medical Examiners and to the Registration and Licensing of persons engaged in the practice of medicine, surgery, or osteopathy, in the State of Wisconsin." This Act provides that osteopaths shall have the same rights and privileges and be subject to the same laws and regulations as practitioners of medicine and surgery, except the right to give or prescribe drugs or perform surgical operations. The physical signs are those of the primary disease, but a large sacculated bronchiectasis near the surface will yield the usual signs of cavity (cavernous breathing, etc.).

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