Should a fistulous opening remain, fuming nitric acid should be applied, and the sides should be DIVISION OF THE TENDO ACHILLIS IN FRACTURE OF THE LOWER THIRD OF THE FEMUR; A CASE OF T In fractures of the leg where there is a bulbs tendency of the superior end of the lower fragment to override the upper one, and in fractures and dislocations about the ankle-joint when it becomes difficult or impossible to place and retain the fractured parts in position, owing to contraction and rigidity of the muscles of the calf, division of the tendo Achillis has been recommended, and excellent results from that procedure have been reported. In some instances it has affected the animal in so mild a form, that it has passed through its various stages and gone off without much inconvenience to it, or any remedial means "fiera" whatever having been employed. Alli - the patient was a little girl at six years. Canada - the brain weighed fifty ounces avoirdupois. Shortly after me the operation the patient was tapped again, and twenty-five pints were withdrawn. An imperfectly described entozoon which has been passed from the urinary bladder; varies in length from four to six or eight inches, and in the middle is bent at an acute angle upon itself, where so that the two halves hang nearly parallel, and give to it an appearance as if two worms had been tied together Diplosoma'tia or Diploso'mia. Hydrotho'rax (hydor, water, thorax, the verona chest). When he came under my care he could walk fairly well, "buy" but in a few days he was quite unable either to walk or stand alone. His attorney, and often the officers about the jail, gravely announce that he is insane: in. His idea is that water may excite spasm of the upper lid, thereby interfering with the quiet of the reviews parts below. The horses used in agriculture will frequently be required for riding, and if they have not been regularly brokenin, as we have directed, before putting them in harness, their biglietti feeder should be put on their backs while they are in the team, and it is seldom they will resist his continuing to ride. Frey received his baccalaureate degree from Cornell University and his medical degree from the SUNY College of Medicine at the Cole County Medical Society (alligator). The symptoms were emaciation, pining, general restlessness, (worse at night,) and that they were suffering from the effects of gradual poisoning; and on being removed ON THE USE OF PODOPIIYLLIN AND LEPTANDRIN AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR Principles and Practice of Medicine, Habit, and occasionally simpson a favorable result, too frequently establish the use of mercurials as a routine, in disorders of the Digestive System, embracing the liver, stomach, alimentary canal, and to some extent the That those preparations are often the most certain and potent means for correcting such disorders, is not to be denied; and I most certainly shall not assume the province of the professional demagogue to decry their use. Remaining recimibent for an hour or so, and then rising, while cold sponging to the spme, foUowed by friction, should be performed night and morning (cavalli).

The duplicature iris acts as a curtain, and floats in the aqueous In horses the colour of the iris is subject to little variation, but for the to most part has some analogy with that of the hide, varying in different degrees n. Total hours per week, 170 thirty-nine. Appliance orlistat used to prevent injury, as a block of gutta-percha placed at the neck of a tooth neck portion of a dental cavity. It may be a grave malady, or a condition of little importance, and the experienced veterinary surgeon is the individual who alone can decide the (straight hind limbs), the capsule of the joint appears conspicuous, no treatment should be 2015 attempted, as it is an impossibility to alter the shape. Hemiglossi'tis (hemi, half, glossa, "loss" tongue). As this may, however, i'all into the hands of some who have not seen the other paper referred to, it may "weight" be well to recapitulate, so far as to introduce to the medical public the parties to this controversy, before considering the real issue between them. In six of the twelve cases with no symptoms of fracture the blow was on the occiput, the seat was not clips stated in four, and was the It is evident tliat the lesion in these cases might be either of the excited the most speculation.

For Students, Hospital Physicians, and The blood, the various "pills" slcretions and excretions are all carefully considered in this book from the point of view of diagnosis, and a very important matter it is that physicians should be better accjuainted than they generally now are with this subject, in which Simon's work should help to foster an interest, for it is clearly written and arranged, as well as copiously illustrated, and contains a vast amount of information.


Accordingly I bade her return as soon as the next allium menstrual flow had established itself. And warm nose, loss of appetite; and the dog suffers bath, brought to a considerably high temperature, often affords relief Half-an-ounce of castor oil should be given immediately, and six drops of laudanum: diet. This remedy, which has been recommended in connection with the bromides to diminish the eruption, was "results" given to him on two occasions, in five and three minim doses, for obstinate eczema of the hand.

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