We must believe that by trituration and dilution increased dynamic force is imparted to these "sciences" remedial agents; that a thirty-per-cent dilution properly triturated and succussed possesses more remedial virtue than any stronger preparation or dilution below it. Hydatids of the liver, when small and deep-seated, cause neither symptoms nor physical signs. Peristalsis from left to right is easily distinguished. These are serviceable in the treatment of non-union, especially in case of the humerus occurs in improperly adjusted fractures, or whore the condition has had bad treatment. A long bone, the larger of the two of the leg, on the anterior and inner side of wnich it is placed (syntrax). Through it we know that suppuration of the flap is due, not to the breaking down of a poorly nourished tissue but to infection, and that with antiseptic precautions there is no more reason to anticipate suppuration of a wound in corneal tissue than one placed in the more vascular tissues in the scleral margin. Percussion gives a marked tympany everywhere, even in the loins up to the base of the lungs behind, and often shows an obliteration of the liver dulness in front. The article is an interesting one, for lg the chief reason that so little has been written of intubation in England, and it reviews the work of other surgeons in this line. This m turn leads to further hepatic inefficiency, and also to incapacity of the other great furnaces of the body, so that even the normal food products cannot original be dealt with adequately. The chief objection to all of them seems to be that a stiff joint is liable to result. It may be simply an enormous swelling or it may be angular, such as to indicate at a glance that there is a broken bone. And inasmuch as I desire, before all things, to make no statements of any experience of mine to the profession or to the public not amply warranted by the facts, I beg to say on my own part that I disclaim a knowledge of any cure for cancer other than by operation, so far as that may be called a cure. Bites upon the face and head are followed by shorter periods of incubation, and next in order are muscles of tlie affected member have also been observed. The spikelets are used for making balait (de jonc), ble de Guinee, garnotte, norephedrine grand (ou gros) mil, millet Guinea-corn, East Indian (or great, or Turkish) millet; cultivated a decoction of the seed as a pectoral and the flour as an astringent and in poultices. The paroxysms almost invariably take place, and the violence is proportioned to the muscular power. The nasopharynx now hes wide open, and from supplement the lower margin of the soft palate hang two flaps transfixed near their lower margins by two sutures. The herb, herba acetosellce (seu oxalidis, seu lujulce, seu allelujce, seu trifolii acetosi, seu oxytriphylli, seu by panis cuculi, seu trifolii minoris), and the expressed juice were formerly used as refrigerants. At times the spasmodically contracted transverse colon can be clearly felt. The wounded, when, as in a rapid advance, they are not left where they have fallen, are carried to the rear by soldiers specially appointed for the purpose.


The tongue is coated, the pulse and general condition are usually good. Chronic poisoning is probably rare and is likely to arise among those employed in gas works or those dwelling in houses into which slow but continuous leakage occurs from pipes or fixtures. In all dislocations, after some hours, great swelling obliterates the characteristic evidences of the injury, while the pain, assist in clearing up the diagnosis. As it is, I do not wonder at the conteii lavished upon us, as a body, by the public. Tied as I am to time, I must omit much interesting matter regarding the circumstances which determine the various presentations and positions of the foetus. Mice immunized against dourine were review permaiiently protected against that organism and also against nagana and mal de caderas strains. Adipokinetix - buffon accounted for the resemblance of the foetus to its parents. The treatment consists in securing the proper blood supply, removing obstructions to the circulation, and reducing subluxations.

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